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New Billboard in San Diego Puts Atheism in Positive Light

“Atheism: A personal relationship with reality.” These words appear over an image of a curtain, held open by a stack of books, that reveals an appealing natural scene. They are part of a prominent 14 ft x 48 ft billboard scheduled to go up today along the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (SR 94) near College Avenue. Its appearance is […] [Read More >]

Margaret Downey, Boy Scouts Expert, to Speak at Convention

The Boy Scouts of America is now deciding whether or not to lift its archaic ban against LGBT Community members.  Such a change would certainly be a positive step, but it is not enough to call the BSA a bigotry-free organization, as they still openly discriminate against nonreligious children. Why do you need to be […] [Read More >]

Christians Take Over Interfaith Army Chapel in Combat Zone

American Atheists recently became aware that a chapel on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Orgun-E in Afghanistan has been illegally modified to look like a church with a steeple and crosses etched on the doors. These modifications directly violate military regulations, including Army Regulation 165-1.  According to the regulation, chapels are a shared space and no religion has […] [Read More >]

Cristina Rad Added as Convention Speaker!

American Atheists announced today the addition of Cristina Rad a.k.a. ZOMGitsCriss, as a speaker for the 2013 American Atheists National Convention. Ms. Rad is a prolific Romanian atheist vlogger. Her work is hosted on YouTube andFreethought Blogs and currently has over 85,000 subscribers. Ms. Rad’s videos mainly consist of discussions of atheism and critiques of creationism, notably in her video […] [Read More >]

Add Your Name to Our 50th Anniversary Magazine

The 50th Anniversary Edition of American Atheist magazine will recognize the generosity of our members and donors for the last 50 years. Without the financial support of thousands of activists, advocates, and atheists, American Atheists would not have become to the most visible and effective voice in the fight to protect the separation of religion from government […] [Read More >]

Atheists Provide Family Options at 50th Anniversary Convention

Cranford, NJ—American Atheists is pleased to announce the addition of two family friendly options for the its 50th Anniversary Convention. The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Research and Science U.S. (RDFRS) is providing low-cost childcare for infants through 7 years of age. Camp Quest, an educational children’s camp featuring science, natural wonder, and humanist values, will provide a day camp for young people ages […] [Read More >]

American Atheists is seeking a Director of Public Relations

American Atheists is excited to offer a full-time Director of Public Relations position to begin as soon as possible. American Atheists is the leading atheistic organization in the country on speaking out to the media and the public about coming out as atheists. We challenge Americans to keep religion and government separate and urge atheists who […] [Read More >]


When the members of the 113th Congress were sworn-in to office last week, each of them was swearing to uphold the U.S. Constitution—but there was great variation upon what authority they were swearing to do so by. There is no requirement that members of Congress hold any text when they take their official oaths of […] [Read More >]

Remembering Ann

REMEMBERING ANN IN MEMORIAM ANN E. ZINDLER February 25, 1935—January 4, 2013 By Frank R. Zindler   It’s been a long goodbye, but now it’s final. The only woman I have ever loved has died, two months shy of her seventy-eighth birthday. Eighteen years after her first breast cancer in 1990, she developed another cancer. Then […] [Read More >]

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