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Press Release: American Atheists Announces Inaugural ‘EVOLVE Awards’

Cranford, NJ—American Atheists announced Thursday a new series of annual awards honoring podcasters, musicians, bloggers, and others who portray atheists or atheism positively. The inaugural 2013 EVOLVE Awards honor achievements in 2012. “The landscape of American atheism is changing rapidly,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “We have a lot of work to do, but […] [Read More >]

Press Release: Atheists to Unveil Florida Courthouse Monument

Cranford, NJ—Following a settlement with Bradford County, Florida, American Atheists will unveil a new monument in front of the Bradford County Courthouse: a 1,500-pound granite bench engraved with quotations from Thomas Jefferson, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Benjamin Franklin, and others. The bench will sit adjacent to an existing monument featuring the Ten Commandments. The unveiling is […] [Read More >]

Alton Lemon, civil rights activist, dies at 84

Alton Lemon, after whom the “Lemon Test” is named, was an extremely important figure in secular activism in United States history. We are very sad to hear the news of his death, and we will be celebrating his life and work at American Atheists headquarters today. He was 84. If you’re not familiar with the […] [Read More >]

Atheists Condemn Arizona State Representative’s Prayer ‘Do-Over’ After Secular Invocation

Cranford, NJ—American Atheists announced Friday that it has demanded an apology on behalf of all non-Christians for disparaging remarks made by Arizona state Representative Steve Smith on Wednesday. Smith’s remarks were in response to the secular invocation offered by state Representative Juan Mendez on Tuesday in the state House of Representatives. Smith, a conservative Christian, […] [Read More >]

American Atheists Launches New Website

We are pleased to roll out a brand new website design to our members and supporters! [Read More >]

PZ Myers: “David Silverman, a principled atheist”

Atheist blogger and biologist PZ Myers wrote this today, following an extended exchange between American Atheists President David Silverman and blogger Justin Vacula on Twitter: Go to twitter now: David Silverman (@MrAtheistPants) is tearing the atheist trolls a new one. This is really what I like to see: a leader of a major atheist organization taking an unambiguous stand […] [Read More >]

Democratic Representative Juan Mendez of Tempe, AZ opens House session with Carl Sagan quotation

We are very proud of Arizona today! Instead of the “usual” prayer, when it was Mendez’s turn to perform the invocation, he instead quoted Carl Sagan. Progress! We thank Mendez for his willingness to be open about his admiration for one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century—who also happens to be an […] [Read More >]

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!

Today is Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, and we encourage atheists worldwide to participate! Draw a picture of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and post it on your Facebook and/or Twitter. We do this to celebrate freedom of speech. For more information, see this link. [Read More >]

Atheists to Accept Georgia Governor’s Offer by Sending Atheist Books to State Parks

American Atheists announced Friday that it will send the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR) enough popular atheist books to place one in every state park cabin in the state. The atheist books will be placed alongside Gideon Bibles already in every state park cabin as directed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal on Wednesday. “We appreciate the governor’s […] [Read More >]

American Atheists Seeks Public Policy Director

American Atheists, Inc., a non-profit and nonpartisan educational and advocacy organization dedicated to the separation of religion and government and the equality of atheists, is seeking a qualified individual to take a leadership role in the development and implementation of its public policy activities. Responsibilities may include: Arranging and taking meetings with Congressional and Administration […] [Read More >]

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