American Atheists Site Under DDoS Attack

At approximately 2:00am EDT Sunday, June 2, American Atheists was attacked by a large DDoS attack. While we work to bring our site back online, all site functionality, including login, registration, donation, and membership will be disabled. Our News subdomain should remain unaffected, but links to any other page on our website will redirect to the News Frontpage or simply not work.

We will keep you updated as we work to get our website back up and running. Thank you for your patience.

  • Barry Fulford

    I will be attending the day the monument in Starke Florida will be presented. I would like information to pass on to the local Humanist group. Is there a local meetup or place to gather. Thank you, Barry

  • Guy Morgan

    I am a website developer in which I have a development environment setup at my home. I use a cisco router that has built in ddos attack protection. None of my development sites have ever suffered from a ddos attack, but I have seen attacks in my router security log. I hope you have changed to a more secure router/firewall configuration to prevent this from happening again.

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