Atheist Pride Day

Today is June 6th, Atheist Pride Day!


I’ve been out about 4 years now, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world. I feel so free and so happy. This is a feeling I want for all people who are oppressed by religion—anyone tortured by the threat of hell, anyone in the LGBTQ community, women oppressed by religion, anyone who has been hurt by genital mutilation or whose face has been burned with acid, anyone who has been discriminated against or who fears coming out because they are scared of losing their friends, family, or job… anyone who is not benefitting from potentially life-saving scientific advances because of religious hinderances on stem-cell research, anyone who is suffering through an unwanted pregnancy because of religion, anyone who cannot get access to birth control she wants because of religious hinderances, anyone who cannot get all of the care they need because they are in a Catholic hospital, anyone who is being forced to listen to or participate in prayers in schools or in the military, anyone whose life is in danger because they do not believe in a god and it is illegal in their country.

I want everyone to be free. No one is free while others are oppressed. Changes are happening—slowly, but surely. We are winning this fight. We know it. They know it. And I am so proud to be a part of it. This is history in the making.

Dave Muscato
Public Relations Director

Be proud of your atheism!

  • Kathy Ferrell

    Here! Here! I’ve been an atheist for going on four years now and I feel so free now. May god strike me dead on then spot if I am not serious. I have told many folks that I do not believe in a god and then usually invite the strike down from god. Haven’t had anyone turn away yet or jump back from what they think is coming.

    • Courtney

      Maybe you should change your wording to, “may god strike YOU dead if I’m not serious.” Just to see who looks up in fear.

    • catherine

      If you don’t believe in God or a god why are you saying for God to strike you dead? Makes no sense as does none of the atheist views. And I’m not religious either! But you proud atheist sure do make the rest of us look real stupid with your ridiculous views. Just be thankful that some higher power a god/ God, the “good Lord” or whatever you want to call him/her, has have mercy on your pitiful foolish self. It’s just pure mercy as to why you’re still alive. And may that higher power strike me dead if I’m not right!

      • spiral115

        there are no atheist views except that gods do not exist. Just to let you know. you know… just so you don’t sound stupid.

        • Justin Peercy

          Yea, this guy gets it

          I don’t believe in God and I also don’t give a fuck if you’re oppressed by your religion.

      • Tee

        If you are not an athiest, why are you even on this site & responding to posts?

        • zuko

          You’re not religious, yet you bash the people who are proud of not believing in a god. Are you saying that this “higher power” has the ability to kill whoever they please? Is that why children die young and people suffer from diseases? That’s because of natural science, no outside influence

      • Ian Ferguson

        Awake from your long sleep Catherine – no god – no way – no how! Sadly you’ve been wasting the short time you have on this planet – free yourself and enjoy the wonderment of this universe and our short time here.

      • datcrazybok

        I also say “Holy Shit!” but you can rest assured that I don’t believe there is a sacred pile of doodoo floating through the cosmos.

    • Drop the mic.

      You can preach that you’re free, but in the end, one thing matters. How you lived your life. I personally think atheists lie to themselves about how great it is, when really they know they’re false men and women. Sorry. It’s just the truth.

      • Paul Hiett

        Wow, speaking for atheists despite not being one yourself? That’s hilarious. There is no other term for someone like you other than, simply put, “idiot.”

      • Mi1

        Great first statement, how you live your life does matter absolutely. Your second assertion will remain a baseless opinion and essentially valuable to you alone. Do you have any sort of proof to back this up? You sound like an introspective person, have you done a thorough examination of your religion?

      • Ian Ferguson

        Really? One day your eyes will be opened and you’ll wonder how you wasted so much time believing in fairy tales !

        Ask yourself – why do I believe this nonsense? Any other time people tell me magical stories I critically examine them – except in this case. Why is that.

        But here’s the good news – there is no hell – you don’t need to worry about yourself or people you care about being tortured for eternity. That was all added to keep you in line.

      • Janice

        Buyllshite! Do you even understand how oppressive religion is for all people? Being free of religion means being free of people like yourself who stupidly use plattitudes like “I’ll pray for your salvation.” instead of thinking about what it’s like to be free of religious indoctrination and comdenation believing in a man made religion that picks and chooses how to present their patented view of religion instead of allowing each of us the opportunity to think and come to our own point of view… what I have hated all these years was knowing I had to submit to religious crap in order to survive it. i’m done with that bullshit and done with people like Kathy Ferrell.

        • Drop the mi, again.

          Y’all say your “free”, but the moment someone realizes you’re an atheist, their point of view goes from good to worse.

          • datcrazybok

            You’re literally on a 3 year old post on an atheist website, lol… You’re literally here, preaching to us, and yet in your sermon, you claim we’re the ones preaching. This is awesome.

            Enlighten us, some more, with vague and non-sensical statements.

      • Agustin Ross

        So you think you can only have a well lived life unless you believe in a god?
        (Which one by the way?)
        I and millions of other people, was born into a family that didn’t preach any religion. And my life is just fine. I don’t know and will never know religion.
        Neither will my children. They are however, free to chose. So am I for that matter. And I chose to believe in myself and the human race. Not a mythical being.

      • MandoZink

        No doubt it’s comfortable to belief that. Although you could rise above the theistic mess and see all religions for what they are – initially a substitute for ignorance – eventually a hindrance to real knowledge.

        You need to get a competent science education and REALLY understand how great the universe is.

        “Sorry. It’s just the truth.”

    • mutie

      To be accurate, your total Lifetime Achievement Award as an atheist must include all the time you spent as a human from birth to date of conversion to theism. Everyone is born an atheist, but are taught to unlearn this natural condition later in life. Please add that time to your four years of more recent experience and send us an updated total.


      – The Management

  • The Truth Bearer

    who are you people calling Mathew, mark, luke, john, paul, james, peter, & jude,steven, Thomas, phillip, & john the baptizer LIARS?

    • spiral115

      Oh oh oh!Pick me I know I know!!!

      We are the rational ones!

    • PraiseEinstein

      It’s John the Baptist, and I’m sure he believed he was truthful. However, if I honestly believe there is a pigeon in my ear that shouldn’t be solid evidence of the improbable, no matter how credible I may seem.

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  • Richard Rosario

    always amused at people who do not get irony and sarcasm…no wonder so many people believe in religion.

  • Michael Moores

    we are what we are cause some point in are life God refused to listen or take action on are dispare miserly. makes us not believe in the higher power.

  • Janice

    I’m an atheist since I was 13, pissing off my mother to a degree unimaginable – she sincerely felt she would end up going to hell because of my decision. Not that she didn’t try to lay religious guilt on me – so Mom, for your inconsiderate efforts, and mainly because I so love you, I hope enjoy yourself burring in hell (of your own making!) I have no fear of hell or heaven as neither exist I grew out of believing in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny! I am just a thinking woman who got past your attempt at indoctrination(trying to force me to think of myself as a second class citizen as a female) and any hell you may be in is one you chose to bring upon yourself. I’m just sorry you had to live with your guilt for as long as you did, and am sad you didn’t emotionally work your way past that.

  • Henk Um

    Don’t be too gloaty about your brand of skepticism, you are only here because the premise of your enlightenment were there to begin with….

  • Jonathan Sprague

    I was 14 and it was back in 1964 that it dawned on me that the word “god” was simply a noun. Mere grammar. Needless to say, I kept my atheism pretty much to myself. My immediate family knew but that was it. I blame my mother: she got me reading Ayn Rand as a teenager. I liked Rand’s atheism and sexual freedom but I refused to elevate capitalism and money as the new gods.

  • Fr33Th1nk3r

    Been an atheist for 19 years now.

  • Jim Spahr

    I’ve been an atheist for forty-nine years. After the inescapably atheist birth, I was raised Roman Catholic, and attended St. Joseph’s Seminary during my first year of high school. I had always had questions about my “christian beliefs”, and I was told that in order to get those answers, I’d have to become a priest.
    Well, that didn’t work out at all. All I found out was that there were no answers. I merely had to have enough faith, and it would all be clear. I’ve always been kind of pragmatic and/or scientifically inclined, and this smacked of snake oil. I decided to investigate religion as if it were any other claim, and found that there was no there there. This is an eye-opener for a 13 year old kid right out of the seminary.
    I’ve been an out atheist since that time. Sure, there were fights with the folks, but they were pretty tame. I don’t think my parents’ hearts were really in it.

  • syed

    MY existence prove God exist, i am too computerized to be created by no one

    • datcrazybok

      You struggle with the concept of proof.

  • Right. Now you need to free yourself from all your other beliefs too.

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