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Robert Ingersoll on Blasphemy

Taken from Robert Ingersoll’s “Discussions”. Full text is available here. Blasphemy is an epithet bestowed by superstition upon common sense. Whoever investigates a religion as he would any department of science, is called a blasphemer. [Read More >]

Today is International Blasphemy Day

Today is Blasphemy Day, one of my favorite days of the year. Blasphemy Day matters because it seeks to educate people about the importance of freedom of expression, even when these expressions are contrary to others’ religious beliefs or offensive to religious people. In the words of Justin Trottier: “We’re not seeking to offend, but if in […] [Read More >]

A major step toward marriage equality in New Jersey

Today is a landmark day for equality in American history: Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ordered state officials in New Jersey to begin officiating marriages for gay couples beginning October 21. Governor Chris Christie said he will appeal, all the way to the state’s Supreme Court if necessary. We’re not finished with this fight yet, but […] [Read More >]

From the mailbag: Pascal’s Wager

What if you're wrong?

From the mailbag yesterday: [

It’s September 11

It’s September 11. This is a very difficult day for all of us here today at American Atheists headquarters, and for our affiliate group, New York City Atheists, as well as atheists all around the country. To be frank, I have been avoiding writing this post all morning because I just don’t know what to say. Religion […] [Read More >]

Friday Fallacy! This week, the Conjunction Fallacy

Hello everyone, it’s Friday Fallacy time! Today we’ll discuss the Conjunction Fallacy. The Conjunction Fallacy is one of those “oops” fallacies that many people who are usually good at critical thinking fall victim to without realizing it. In committing the Conjunction Fallacy, one assumes that multiple, specific conditions are MORE likely to be true than […] [Read More >]

The Pledge of Allegiance Goes to Court

David Niose begins oral arguments in Massachusetts

Today marks an important step in the fight for equality and separation of religion and government. David Niose, immediate past President of the American Humanist Association and attorney for “John and Jane Doe,” begins oral arguments today before the Massachusetts Supreme Court. John and Jane Doe, who wish to remain anonymous, have three children in […] [Read More >]

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