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Deseret News, Mormon-owned Salt Lake City newspaper, responds to quote-mining allegation

Faith & Religion reporter Joe Walker corresponds with an American atheist

A reader and American atheist sent us this correspondence she had with Joe Walker, the author of this recent article about our upcoming convention [Read More >]

Air Force Academy makes “so help me God” optional in cadet oath

American Atheists: Good, but not good enough

American Atheists supports this decision and sees this as a step in the right direction, but separation of religion and government still has a long way to go. The Air Force Academy should take out the “god” part altogether, and/or make it optional for those cadets who opt *in.* Under a secular military system, the […] [Read More >]

Things are heating up in Alabama

...and American Atheists is asking for your help.

Things are heating up in Alabama. As you know, fighting for absolute separation of religion and government is our mission. It’s why American Atheists exists as a non-profit. It is only by ensuring an entirely secular government that our society can really be free from religious oppression. Separation of religion and government benefits everyone, religious […] [Read More >]

Salt Lake City Convention Billboards

Billboard company calls them "...misleading, deceptive or offensive to the moral standards of the community."

The Salt Lake City Tribune just ran an article about our attempts to secure advertising space for our 2014 National Convention in Salt Lake City and the repeated denials we experienced from local billboard companies. [Read More >]

Atheists Threaten Separation of Church & State Lawsuit Against Montgomery, Alabama

Taxpayer-funded “Operation Good Shepherd” Sends Pastors to Crime Scenes to Preach Christianity

Cranford, NJ—American Atheists has dispatched a letter (see below) to the Hon. Todd Strange, Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, and to Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy alleging that the city’s “Operation Good Shepherd” is unconstitutional, demanding the program cease immediately. The letter arrives on Tuesday. The program uses volunteer Christian pastors trained by on-duty police officers […] [Read More >]

A Conversation with a Christian

Do atheists hate religious claims?

I recently had this exchange with a Christian friend. I know him from back when I used to be Christian myself: Jared, a Christian who attends graduate school at a Bible college in British Columbia: I could not stop laughing at the irony of this [article about “atheist church” aka Sunday Assembly] Dave Muscato, American Atheists […] [Read More >]

We are not ashamed of “blasphemy”

On our Facebook page, we received this comment about a picture we posted making fun of the Second Commandment for Blasphemy Day. In the picture, Muhammad just got out of the shower, and seeing his face in the mirror, yells “BLASPHEMY!” A commenter, Matt Henderson, had posted previously, “More immature inflammatory nonsense from American Atheists.” […] [Read More >]

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