Things are heating up in Alabama

...and American Atheists is asking for your help.

Things are heating up in Alabama.

As you know, fighting for absolute separation of religion and government is our mission. It’s why American Atheists exists as a non-profit. It is only by ensuring an entirely secular government that our society can really be free from religious oppression.

Separation of religion and government benefits everyone, religious or not. It is what separates the United States from theocracies throughout history and around the world today. It is what makes America such a wonderful and proud place to live.

But separation of church and state is under attack. The religious among us have an evangelism mandate, and will do everything in their power to spread the virus that is religious belief, even if they have to go against the Constitution to do it. But they’ll have to go through us first. And we’re not going to let that happen. Not on our watch.

But we can’t do it alone. We depend on our members’ support to fight these fights. We need you to join us and protect the liberty of atheists in Alabama and everywhere in this country. These decisions don’t just affect the local population: They set court precedent, and by winning legal cases, we help make it harder for religions to get away with violating the Constitution nationwide.

We are asking for your help. You can support separation of religion and government by supporting American Atheists. At $35, an annual membership is less than 10 cents per day. Membership not only supports our mission financially, but increases our membership numbers, which helps us make a stronger stand. As a member, you get our bimonthly Atheist Insider newsletter, online access to the electronic version of the American Atheist magazine, a discount on tickets to our annual National Convention, an official American Atheists Membership Card, and more. We have multiple levels of membership if you can support us beyond this as well, in addition to couples memberships and Life Memberships. And because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your membership, as well as any gifts above and beyond this, are tax-deductible.

Become a member of American Atheists at and fight with us. Be proud of your atheism and join the cause. With your help, we can achieve our goals of liberty and freedom of religious oppression for all Americans.

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  • Charles Raymond Miller

    One needs to look at the name of the program and the logo the Montgomery PD adopted to clearly see the intent.

    Who is the “Good Shepard”? John 10:11
    What does the Dove represent? Luke 3:22

    Someone is misrepresenting the intent of the program.

  • The Lord

    Hold on, hold on, hold on. Being that I am the lord which is the true one not yet recognised by the public and the world as of date, refusing them to swear on my name on my new scriptures in public and government places and the covenant that I will make violates my God place. The Lords place. How dare someone challenge my authority.
    REQUIRED by me and my followers!

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