Press Release: Atheists Take Playful Jab at Prayer in Super Bowl Billboard

East Rutherford, NJ—On Thursday, American Atheists launched a new billboard near Metlife Stadium with a dig at prayer. It is believed to be the first-ever atheist-sponsored ad aimed at a Super Bowl audience. The billboard features a priest cradling a football with text reading, “A ‘Hail Mary’ only works in football. Enjoy the game!” The billboard will run through Super Bowl Sunday.


The billboard invites fans to visit the organization’s National Convention website at The convention will feature keynote speaker Chris Kluwe, a former NFL punter and noted LGBT activist. The convention takes place April 17-20 in Salt Lake City.

“Prayer is superstition, plain and simple,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “It trivializes the dedication of the players and takes away from their achievements. A third of football fans pray in hopes of helping their team. These are adults we’re talking about—people with children, people with careers, people who vote. It’s 2014; it’s time to stop believing that prayer works. Give credit where credit is due and celebrate what this is really about—coming together to cheer on hard-working athletes doing what they do best.”

“During the Super Bowl, people of all religions and atheists come together as a community,” said Managing Director Amanda Knief. “Like many in New Jersey, we at American Atheists are excited to be part of this event and with this billboard share our voice.

“This sense of community is a celebration of who we are and how we self-identify, and that’s the same environment we will create at the 2014 National Convention in Salt Lake City. Chris Kluwe, who will be our keynote speaker, is not only an athlete, activist, and writer, but also a nonbeliever. We invite atheists, fence-sitters, and curious believers alike who think they know atheism to think again and join us this April to see what we’re all about.”

The digital billboard, measuring 14 feet by 48 feet, displays the American Atheists design six times each hour through Super Bowl Sunday. The billboard is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey 0.5 miles west of the Meadowlands Complex on Route 3. The billboard is on the right side of the street, facing east and visible to westbound traffic. See below for links to the billboard graphic and a map of the billboard location.

The American Atheists’ 40th National Convention will take place Easter weekend in Salt Lake City. The convention will feature such speakers such as former NFL punter Chris Kluwe, Survivor®: Philippines winner Denise Stapley, Grammy-nominated Spin Doctors bass player Mark White, Reverend Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Maryam Namazie of the Council of Ex-Muslims, popular bloggers PZ Myers and Greta Christina, and American Atheists President David Silverman. The convention will also feature a costume party, live music, stand-up comedy, an art show and silent auction, national and local exhibitors, and childcare options for attending families. The convention takes place the weekend of April 17-20, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Billboard is located at coordinates 40.811105 / -74.10019
For the most-recent version of this press release, included updated links, see

Location of billboard on map:

Billboard image (1024×299)
Full-size image (3456×1008)

Photograph of live board (960×720)

American Atheists grants permission to press to reproduce and redistribute this billboard image under the conditions that absolutely no cropping or editing is performed and no overlays cover, hide, conceal, or distort any part of the image (including the title bar with website at the bottom), and that American Atheists is credited for providing it.

Link to Public Religion Research Institute survey for claim that 1/3 of football fans pray for their teams:

AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that defends civil rights for atheists, freethinkers, and other nonbelievers; works for the total separation of religion and government; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy. American Atheists was founded in 1963 by Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

American Atheists, Inc.
P.O. Box 158
Cranford, NJ 07016
Tel: (908) 276-7300
Fax: (908) 276-7402

Keywords: American Atheists, billboard, Super Bowl, Superbowl, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, superstition, prayer, ritual, Chris Kluwe, American Atheists 2014 National Convention, Salt Lake City, football, American football, atheism, humanism, freethought


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  • rargos

    What a petty and immature message. Is that really the best argument for atheism?

    • RickRayFSM

      Funny how religionists are so afraid of the truth. Enter the buybull belt and you see proselytizing churches on nearly every corner.

      • rargos

        Wow, that’s quite a mature, objective observation. It’s clear that your thought processes aren’t being clouded by anger, prejudice, and emotion.

        • Guthridge Austin

          Mr. rargos, and I assume that it’s Mr. based on your likely testosterone-driven apparent “need” to constantly police the posts I’ve seen here, you’re making a joke of yourself. But yeah, wow, those’re quite mature, objective observations you’ve made all over this page and it’s certainly clear to everyone that your thought processes are not being clouded by anger, prejudice, and emotion.

          • rargos

            It’s interesting that I’m being lectured to about testosterone, anger, and emotion by the same person who made this comment in another of his (many) posts:

            “take all of that inferiority complex that’s driving your ridiculous comments here and kindly place it and them very far up your ass.”

          • Guthridge Austin

            Look up a definition of lecture. Then get back to me. You’re not what you think you are. My friend, you are dust in the wind. All of your thoughts, all of your words, all of your actions will be completely forgotten after you no longer exist. Why not be a better person, or at least try to be? Are you stuck trying to one-up everybody? You’re not important. You’re not changing the world. You’re simply trolling an atheist website, and I guess earning brownie points from your imaginary friends? Well good for you my friend, I congratulate you on your pointless efforts to shame and belittle perfect strangers.
            What about yourself has you so at odds with the rest of the world? I accept you for who you are, shouldn’t you as well?

          • rargos

            “Shame and belittle”? “Why not be a better person” — I suppose your comment:

            – “place it and them very far up your ass.”

            Isn’t an example of belittling, but rather an example of “being a better person”, correct?

            I certainly respect your right to believe whatever you like, but if you think you already know all the answers, why are you so afraid to have a mature discussion with someone who disagrees with you? I’m not afraid to hear your viewpoints, even when they include such childish and vulgar “advice”

          • Thought Police

            I was politely asking you to fuck off. Your trolling here is unwarranted, unnecessary, inappropriate, childish, selfish, and indicative of a failure on your part to be in possession of common human decency. Plainly and simply, you sir are a psychopath. Where is your good sense and discretion? Why would you repeatedly engage with somebody who is from any angle you look at it intentionally provoking you? Furthermore, why are you intentionally provoking the rest of us here?
            Life is short brother, and it’s pretty clear to at least me that you would enjoy your brief existence more somewhere else. Are you addicted to strife and conflict? If so, I’ve got more than enough to spare you what you think you need.

          • rargos

            “I was politely asking you to fuck off.”

            Well thank goodness you weren’t being rude.

            As for being provokative – give me one instance where I’ve used vulgarity, name-calling, etc. If you’re uncomfortable with someone who politely expresses a viewpoint that is different from your own then perhaps you should simply avoid places in which people say things you don’t like.

          • Thought Police

            You ignorant simpleton, are you seriously incapable of comprehending that “vulgarity” and “name calling” are not the only means to provoke people? Smearing your mentally hilarious opinions all over an atheist page ought to be provocative enough. But no, you’re compelled to outright engage in cheap psychological tactics with strangers to prove what exactly? You are an unfortunate result of religion, and a perfect example of what your deity can bring to the lives of people around the world.

          • rargos

            Since you admit that you enjoy provoking people (complete with insults and profanity), you assume that everyone else is just like you. I can assure you nothing is further from the truth. I’m simply interested in learning more about your views and sharing my views with you in a mature, polite way. If you consider that to be “provocative” then there’s very little I can do, is there?

          • Thought Police

            How stupid does a person have to be to proclaim that because an individual enjoys a certain type of interaction, that they by default “assume that everyone else” does too? You claim a desire to politely share beliefs with others, however I’ve witnessed little in the way of politeness from you. In pushing your BS on others as you have here, how is it that you came to expect anything but what you’ve received?

    • Dave Muscato

      Let me get this straight… pointing out the confirmed, scientifically tested, well-established FACT that prayer does not work is “petty and immature”?

      What better argument do you want for atheism than pointing out that it’s true?

      Unless you don’t care about your beliefs being true, I don’t think there could possibly be a better argument.

      (This comment is my own opinion and not an official statement from American Atheists).

      • Zaccary Haney

        I wonder how you define prayer, if you believe that it is scientifically proven that prayer does not work? How does one measure the efficacy of prayer? Certainly, I, like you, don’t believe that praying for my team to win the Super Bowl will actually have an effect on the outcome of the game. I see prayer as an inner transformation or coming to knowledge of self, or of community, or nation, (cf. John Climacus’ “Ladder of Divine Ascent”, or the “Sayings of the Desert Fathers [and Mothers]”, trans. Benedicta Ward). It can also give communities a sense of comfort in times of trial (I’m not talking about trivial things such as football) – this can help a community maintain identity, or give comfort that the trial will end. Some have even talked about prayer as if being fully enveloped by surroundings, e.g. Book VIII, Augustine’s “Confessions”. Perhaps I’m just misunderstanding you, or perhaps you misunderstand prayer. How do you define it? I’m not intending to get into an heated argument; rather, as one who studies prayer and spirituality in the Middle Ages, I am truly interested.

      • rargos

        “Prayer does not work” — this shows a serious misunderstanding (intentional or not) regarding the purpose of prayer.

        Prayers are not “magic spells” recited to obtain some tangible material benefit. If this is your (somewhat self-serving) definition of “prayer”, then yes, prayer does not always “work.”

        On the other hand, if one defines prayer as asking God for guidance, strength, etc. — which is how most believers would definte prayer — then prayer does make a positive impact on people’s lives.

        But since we both like scientific arguments, here’s something you might want to read about scientific studies from Duke, Dartmouth, and Yale.
        Unless, of course, you think you know more about this topic than the doctors and scientists at those universities.

        [quote follows]
        But prayer is more than just repetition and physiological responses, says Harold Koenig, MD, associate professor of medicine and psychiatry at Duke and a colleague of Krucoff’s.

        Traditional religious beliefs have a variety of effects on personal health, says Koenig, senior author of the Handbook of Religion and Health, a new release that documents nearly 1,200 studies done on the effects of prayer on health.

        These studies show that religious people tend to live healthier lives. “They’re less likely to smoke, to drink, to drink and drive,” he says. In fact, people who pray tend to get sick less often, as separate studies conducted at Duke, Dartmouth, and Yale universities show. Some statistics from these studies:

        Hospitalized people who never attended church have an average stay of three times longer than people who attended regularly.

        Heart patients were 14 times more likely to die following surgery if they did not participate in a religion.

        Elderly people who never or rarely attended church had a stroke rate double that of people who attended regularly.

        In Israel, religious people had a 40% lower death rate from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

        • Cthulhu21

          noun: prayer; plural noun: prayers
          a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.

        • Cthulhu21

          What can you say about the prayers being made on behalf of other religions?

          • rargos

            Don’t know – I would suppose it really doesn’t matter which religion it is, but I don’t have any specific information on this.

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  • Dan

    Looks like atheism is a religion to me. There is a belief system in unbelief and it appears to come with all the clubby trappings of the religions it doesn’t want to be. Hurling insults like “superstitious” makes it virtually equal to someone telling another that they are going to hell for denying the divinity of Jesus Christ.

    It’s amusing that atheists seem to ascribe all that is wrong in the world to conflicts over religious beliefs. True, many have perished over the centuries, but religion typically calls for people to conduct themselves with the intent of good will. How soon we forget the millions who were slaughtered by the hands of what were probably the top three atheists of all time (Hitler, Stalin and Mao).

    • Dave Muscato

      If atheism is a religion, not playing tennis is a sport. Prayer, by definition, is a superstition (“a belief, conception, act, or practice resulting from ignorance, unreasoning fear of the unknown or mysterious, morbid scrupulosity, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation” Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Unabridged). Unlike telling someone they’re going to hell for not believing in Jesus, It’s not a threat to say that prayer is superstition, nor is it a belief to say that prayer is a superstition. It’s a fact.

      It doesn’t matter what religion “calls” people to do. It matters what they do. Hitler was Catholic, not atheist. In his autobiography he openly identified as a believer and further went on to identify the reasons for his politics and policies being driven by his religious beliefs. The Nazi party was aligned with the Catholic Church and Hitler met with the Pope. Christianity is a belief Hitler never publicly renounced. Nazi belt buckles even said “Gott Mit Uns” which means “God With Us.” Do you have some evidence that Hitler was an atheist? If you do, please post it. As a disclaimer, if you do, you’re going to be pretty famous, because historians haven’t been able to find evidence of this despite a nearly century of looking for it…

      Stalin & Mao were atheists but the deaths of those populations was not BECAUSE they were atheists any more than it was BECAUSE they both had mustaches. Atheism is the LACK of belief. There’s no connection that would compel an atheist to kill people. There’s no such thing as killing someone “in the name of atheism” the way there is, for example, for killing in the name of Christianity or Islam etc.

      (This comment is my own opinion and not an official statement from American Atheists).

      • rargos

        “Prayer, by definition, is a superstition”

        According to you. All of my dictionaries have different defintions for these two words. Perhaps they are defective and I should return them to the bookstore?

      • rargos

        “Hitler was Catholic, not atheist. In his autobiography he openly identified as a believer and further went on to identify the reasons for his politics and policies being driven by his religious beliefs.”

        A lie, pure and simple. I can provide plenty of academic, peer-reviewed references from scholars at major universities who will say that you are completely wrong.

      • rargos

        “Stalin & Mao were atheists but the deaths of those populations was not BECAUSE they were atheists any more than it was BECAUSE they both had mustaches. ”

        You’re contradicting yourself. If someone is (allegedly) a Christian and kills people, it’s because he’s a Christian. If someone is an atheist and kills people, it has nothing to do with him being an atheist.

        Are you always this irrational?

      • rargos

        “There’s no such thing as killing someone “in the name of atheism” the way there is, for example, for killing in the name of Christianity or Islam etc.”

        Tell that to the Christians who were publically executed for their beliefs in North Korea last year.

      • rargos

        “(This comment is my own opinion and not an official statement from American Atheists).”

        I would hope not, since otherwise you would make American Atheists also look like a bunch of angry, narrow-minded bigots who rely on half-truths, faulty logic, and name calling instead of rationally explaining their positions.

      • rargos

        “Nazi belt buckles even said “Gott Mit Uns” which means “God With Us.”

        Do your homework. That emblem was on PRUSSIAN military belt buckles in the FIRST world war and was simply carried on by the Wehrmacht. When Hitler formed his own special order of Nazi troops (the Waffen SS) they had belt buckles that read “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” (My Honor is Loyalty).

        Why does it always seem that atheists either don’t do their own research or intentionally distort the truth?

    • CJ

      Dan, can you explain anyone in the history of the world that has killed “in the name of” atheism, because your three examples did not. Unfortunately, its very easy to come up with many many many individuals and organizations that have caused emotional and/or physical harm “in the name of” religion. Also, learn before you type – Hitler was a Christian.

      • Dan

        Hitler may have been baptized, but he was certainly no Christian. Likewise, you may have been baptized or raised in a faith tradition but no longer identify yourself with that faith. Millions of religious (Jews and Christians alike) were rounded up and destroyed as enemies of the state by the three leaders I referenced. One of the key precepts of Marxism/communism is the specific rejection of a dirty (atheism). Religion was made illegal in Soviet Russia. Those who resisted were rounded up for “cultural reeducation”, most never to be seen or heard from again.

        It’s sad that you write that atheism never killed anyone. In fact, the very atheists who annoyed themselves as gods killed the most. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It hasn’t even been 100 years since these unprecedented purges and yet we are having this type of debate?

        Your spirituality, or decision to not have any is your choice. Please, however, think for a minute that evangelizing atheism is going to bring us to some utopian state. That has never happened under any framework, let alone atheism.

        • CJ

          Oh Dan, your ignorance must really be bliss. I guess you missed the irony of your doomed to repeat history line right? Because thats what we continue to do everyday because OF religion! All religions are based on a lie, you and the masses are just gullible enough to buy in. Over the course of history it has served to divide people, persecute nonfollowers or followers of “wrong” religions, held down or denied scientific discovery, caused extensive wars (news flash: the war on terror is an islamic jihad vs western religions just branded terror to not offend), etc. Religion swept child abuse under the rug, denied womens reproductive rights and furthered the AIDs epidemic in Africa. People did this in the name of their faith, or justified by a superficial notion that it was gods work. An atheistic society would be a utopia over all of that. Yeah evil like stalin would still exist; but no longer would thr guise of religion exist to justify the means.

          And the Right would fizzle away…what bliss that would be. So sad that you and millions live in the dark

          • Dan

            Please don’t forget that religion is the primary driver for western civilization today. The Catholic Church created the modern university system, educated and fed millions, created the scientific method and made incalculable contributions to arts, literature and culture over its two thousand year existence. Cast all of that aside because of the priest scandal? As regrettable and inexcusable as that was, it would be foolish to then disregard everything else.

            Interesting that you mentioned women’s rights. I was wondering when that would surface. To me, this is a “proof” against atheism. Let us take for granted that the Catholic Church has, since its inception vociferously defended the right to basic human existence, especially the unborn. Let us also take for granted that the United States was founded under the principles that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental human rights. Further, let us take for granted that both the scientific and medical communities consider that a genetically distinct human life is created at the moment of conception. Finally, let us all agree that no human can own another (dominion) and that is specifically guaranteed to all Americans under the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution. Why, then, do we consider it one’s “choice” to kill a genetically distinct human being that can belong to no one? Well, we just wrote a law and said it was OK.

            Does religion make everything OK in the world? Of course not. However, it humbles a person and makes them think about something other than their own worldly desires. I’m sure that there are some fine atheists out there. I’m sure that there are some rotten Catholics out there, too. We all pointed out that HItler was a baptized Catholic, but that doesn’t mean that he was one, either. Religion can give humanity good principles by which to govern civilization. Atheism, especially the hateful kind I am seeing here, undermines civilization. If we can make a law that killing babies is OK (55M since Roe and counting), what can be next? You may say that it can’t happen, but, the fact of the matter is that it has.

          • rargos

            ” All religions are based on a lie, you and the masses are just gullible enough to buy in.”

            This is what makes atheism so attractive to people who consider themselves intellectuals — “I’m smarter than you because I don’t believe in God”. “I’m better than the gullible masses”, etc.

            Insulting people isn’t a terribly good way to make people like your ideology.

          • rargos

            “An atheistic society would be a utopia over all of that. Yeah evil like stalin would still exist; but no longer would thr guise of religion exist to justify the means.”

            Frankly, I’d rather live in Vatican City than in Soviet Russia, but that’s just me.

            I’m sure the tens of millions of people brutalized and murdered by Stalin felt a lot better knowing he wasn’t doing it in the name of religion.

          • rargos

            “So sad that you and millions live in the dark”

            So sad that you feel the need to insult millions of other people to make yourself feel superior to them.

        • sjburkhardt

          Hitler was an alter-boy in the Catholic Church. He was a Christian who hated Jews

    • Jim Olson

      Dan, Dan, Dan, your way, way above your pay grade here. Do I have to quote Clemens again?

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  • jerseyguy1028

    Plain and simple everyone should mind their own business leave peoples beliefs alone, the country was supposed to be be based on religious freedom, admitedly the Christian majority doesn’t see athiesm or and other belief system as a religous freedom, But acting that way they do doesnt make your point stronger, don’t belittle people for their beliefs look at your own house and raise your children the way you want. So Don’t tell me that I am Damned or that I am superstitious, let people be who the are.

    • rargos

      I agree completely – live and let live. The choice whether to believe or not is a highly personal one and there should be no attempt to coerce people in either direction.

      This is the problem I have with these … frankly immature… billboards. They’re not presenting the atheist world view, they’re simply attacking another world view. It’s no better than Christians telling atheists they’re evil or wrong.

      • Steve

        Do you actively promote the live and let live lifestyle on Christian websites as well? If so I applaud you.

        • rargos

          If I heard Christians making negative comments about atheists solely on the basis of their beliefs, I absolutely would stand up for the atheists. Bullying and name calling isn’t just counterproductive, it’s wrong.

          The problem that I have with a lot of what I read here is that much of the open hostility towards believers is based on misinformation, half-truths, and the acts of a very small number of religious fantatics who don’t speak for 99.9999% of Christians.

          I’m perfectly okay with people being atheists. What I’m not okay with is the self-serving and dishonest demonization (no pun intended) of believers as a means of attracting more people to atheism. It seems that atheism that can’t tolerate a “live and let live” attitude, but rather has to work actively to undermine other peoples’ beliefs in order to attract followers.

          • Guthridge Austin

            Atheism is not something that is able to “attract followers”. Where in the lack of belief is there anything to follow? Atheism is a lack of belief in god/s. We’re all atheists in one way or another. You can’t believe in EVERY god at once. There’s no possible way for you to be thoroughly familiar with every god as it’s described by every sub-group of every religion that has ever existed and then believe in them all.
            Atheists are generally perturbed by the influence of imaginary friends on the world, and likewise theists seemingly treat atheists as enemies or at the least opponents. The fact of the matter is that the world will not know peace until mankind has relinquished its childish ways and taken on the burden adulthood. The first step in that direction is forsaking the imaginary guardians of previous generations. When the vast majority of people have realized that hereditary traditions in the form of religious indoctrination are a hindrance to the development of social progress, we should be well on our way to a better world.

          • rargos

            “The fact of the matter is that the world will not know peace until mankind has relinquished its childish ways and taken on the burden adulthood”

            Peace? Childish? — you mean like this comment of yours from another post?

            “take all of that inferiority complex that’s driving your ridiculous comments here and kindly place it and them very far up your ass.”

            It’s very hard to take you seriously when you suffer from an obvious lack of self-control and maturity.

          • Guthridge Austin

            You sure showed me. I guess I better go put on my dunce cap. Stupid troll. Why don’t you pray for me?

          • rargos

            Aren’t you proud of your own comments?

          • Thought Police

            Pride is unnecessary, much like your bickering.

          • rargos

            Yes, and your posts reflect a deep humility and respect for your fellow man, don’t they?

          • Thought Police

            Why would you suspect that I am compelled to subscribe to the idea that humility is desirable? I don’t respect anybody by default; the people that I encounter must first demonstrate respectability before they can be respected. Until they do such, they are simply sacks of meat and bone. You don’t pay people for things that you assume they will give you out of a poorly defined social expectation do you? I have to respect you by default because you exist? Kill yourself, that’s how much I respect you. Humility, really, what nonsense.

          • rargos

            “Kill yourself, that’s how much I respect you. Humility, really, what nonsense.” – ThoughtPolice

            And you call me a troll …

          • Thought Police

            I’m open and honest about who and what I am. Can you say the same thing?

          • rargos

            Sure I am. And I don’t have to curse at and insult other people to feel good about who I am.

          • Thought Police

            I don’t either you moron, I simply enjoy it because it’s obviously working as intended. You’re a tool, a means to an end. Through your inability to control yourself, I take advantage of you. To a more intelligent person it would be obvious that they are being baited. But about that honesty, do you really believe that there is any form of god?

          • rargos

            Thanks – I actually laughed aloud when the person whose posts are filled with profanity and insults, claimed I had an inability to control myself.
            Baited? Obviously. And I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself tremendously. But perhaps you’ve failed to notice that I don’t get angry or stoop to your level no matter how rude, arrogant, or insulting you become.

            I absolutely do believe there is a God, and that religion is an attempt (however imperfect) to understand God. I also don’t criticize, blame, or otherwise harbor negative feelings towards people who don’t believe in God. My postings here on AA are not “trolling” so much as an attempt to better understand atheists instead of simply relying on second-hand information and (probably incorrect) stereotypes. We don’t have to agree, but at least we should make an honest attempt to understand each other.

          • Thought Police

            Why? Why do you feel the need to understand what you’re incapable of understanding? If you understood logic and reason, we would not be having this conversation now. And sir, your posts are quite indeed wonderful examples of trolling.

        • jerseyguy1028

          Actually yes I do, I live what I say

      • muninc

        Hey fellows! Who give a fuck? Im a free thinker i.e. I can be an atheist . So what? I can’t hate my sister believing on the higher power or my wife?. As an architect; I have designed religious buildings incl Mosque/ Buddhist Mandala/ Catholic Church/ Protestant church. That is my job. Yet I never prayed for 45 years. I just did what I perceive as the Right (Karma) thing. So fucking what? Who defines what is right or wrong? . Freaking Pope or NRA?
        There many thinkers w/ great scientific minds will tell you in the Cosmos, there is no freaking God. I’m convinced of that. But to attack weaker minds who wants believe in some superficial mumbo jumbo, shows how desperate we are.. If you have money to spare please use it in feeding the poor, abolish oppression or be a fighter like Che Guevara, a free thinker.

        • rargos

          “But to attack weaker minds who wants believe in some superficial mumbo jumbo”

          Well thank goodness you aren’t one of those “weaker minds”, eh?

          After reading your rambling, somewhat incoherent post, I can only hope that you’re not really an architect as you claim to be: I would be very scared to find myself inside of a building desinged by someone with your level of rationality and emotional maturity.

        • urantia wins


    • FreeThinking Atheist

      I disagree and here’s why. It’s an extreme example, but it’s to make a point. Hypothetically speaking, if our country started becoming radicalized Muslims rapidly and spreading, then suicide bombings started, and then a religious war, would you still be okay with people ignoring the scientific evidence and the fact that we evolved on this planet? Let’s say the knowledge that we evolved would make them realize that they were ignorant.

      Just because most of the people revel in their own ignorance and believe a fairytale with commandments that tell them that enslaving human beings is moral and just. I’m fine with people believing any kind of fairytale they want to believe until their ridiculous, superstitious, science illiterate, illogical minds’ belief systems begin to affect the laws in which I must abide by or my way of life and my freedom of expression.

      Everyone wants to talk about God this, Jesus that, but I’m expected to keep quiet my view and educate them on how God was okay with slavery in the Bible or other bad things they want to pretend do not exist since they were brainwashed via indoctrination, unable to think for themselves. These things make them wildly uncomfortable and their comfortable belief starts to unravel in their mind. Cognitive dissonance. Religion is the one the greatest obstacles mind kind must face as we rise to a new level scientifically. The dark ages will be left behind eventually.

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  • strimmer tintin

    i don’t get it?

    • Thought Police

      I’m sure that you don’t.

  • Good job. Keep it up.

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  • rargos

    “Kluwe, who will be our keynote speaker, is not only an athlete, activist, and writer, but also a nonbeliever.”

    Again, a half-truth. Kluwe calls himself a ‘Cheerfully Agnostic’, which means he neither believes nor doesn’t believe.

    I’m constantly amazed at the intellectual dishonesty I find here. I guess when you spend most of your time calling other people stupid, after a while you begin to believe that they can’t see through your lies and propaganda.

    • Guthridge Austin

      Brother, your incessant whining is dreadfully boring and phenomenally distasteful.

      • rargos

        So pointing out factual inaccuracies in this post by quoting Kluwe’s own definition of his beliefs is “whining”?

        I can see you’re someone who would prefer not be be bothered with facts. Strange way to behave for an atheist.

        • Guthridge Austin

          Listen you silly little plebeian, where are the “factual inaccuracies”? Claiming that somebody else’s cheerful agnosticism is not disbelief is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. Obviously you have the internet, ergo you have the ULTIMATE DICTIONARY and likewise a way to brush up on some logic. Let us break it down into more simple portions for you, so you can run along and go bother some other unfortunate people.

          Here’s the first definition that pops up on Google for agnosticism: a religious orientation of doubt; a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God; “agnosticism holds that you can neither prove nor disprove God’s existence” What that basically means is, (and please read this next part extra slowly) that an agnostic is a non-believer. If you don’t know, how do you believe in what you claim to not know? It wasn’t a “dishonest half-truth”, it was a lack of understanding on your part. If you’re looking to pick a fight with everyone on this site because we don’t want to share in your insanity, I would recommend that you quickly seek professional psychological help before your condition deteriorates further.

          • rargos

            “you silly little plebeian”

            I wonder how many other people became atheists because they felt the need to feel superior to other people? It speaks volumes when your insecurity about your own intelligence drives you to insult other people.

          • Thought Police

            My certainty in my intellectual superiority drives my unmeasurable disgust in mentally less fortunate people who would presume to patronize me. You’re words bear no significance and change nothing. I’m not insecure at all about the level of my intelligence son, what drives me to insult other people is their stupidity. You are a stupid vile person and your existence angers me.
            But to address your earlier reply, what part of not knowing being equal to not believing can you not comprehend? If you don’t know that you’re a piece of shit, how can you believe that you are? Thus out of necessity you are a NON-BELIEVER in your piece-of-shitness.

          • rargos

            And you call me a troll ….

          • Thought Police

            Are you mad that I out-troll you? Why? You can’t be the greatest troll in the world, there are billions of people on this planet. Eventually you are bound to encounter somebody that’s better at something than you are. But I wouldn’t have to explain that to anyone smart enough to know that invisible men in the sky are merely fairy tale control mechanisms.

          • rargos

            Actually, I’m sad that you can’t tell the difference between trolling and having an honest discussion. Is there any way to disagree with you without being a troll?

          • Thought Police

            This comment that I’m replying to is a good place to start. But please, don’t ask me to copy-paste your tasteless proclamations by way of providing evidence of your trolling. If you can’t scroll through this site and see it for yourself, how will you be able to see it as others do?

          • rargos

            An “agnostic” is not sure if God exists or not. An “atheist” is sure that God does not exist.

            As for “psychological help”, it seems you have a lot of anger-related issues.

        • Thought Police

          Where’s that quote of Kluwe’s self-defined belief structure? What you wrote was apparently somebody else’s description of him. You simply do not operate in reality do you? I’ll tell ya what buddy, if you can manage to spew something that halfway makes sense, I’ll leave you to make a joke of yourself and your deity by yourself. Otherwise, I will be too tempted to assist you in your crusade to mock the very religion you claim to be defending.

          • rargos

            Have you read Kluwe’s book? I have. (Ask me what the Nth word in each section is if you don’t believe me). I think you would enjoy it, as contains lots of unresearched opinions interspaced with plenty of profanity.

            The only thing that might save Little, Brown, and Company from losing a lot of money on this book is people who buy it to support Kluwe’s statements about gay marriage. Even as humor it’s pretty weak.

          • Thought Police

            So, in other words, you’re not able to address your apparent lack on comprehension of the difference between agnosticism and non-believing?

          • rargos

            Is it possible for someone to disagree with you and not be stupid/ignorant? Frankly, your somewhat obsessive need to insult everyone else’s intelligence makes me wonder if you’re not a self-absorbed teenager.

          • Thought Police

            That’s a no then. Fair enough. Let’s go ahead and officially change the subject so that you’re no longer subjected to my reminding you of your inability to differentiate between agnosticism and non-belief.
            New subject will be? How about let’s talk about your generalizing and what it speaks about your thought processes.

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  • Trish

    Too funny! The announcements of tolerance is preached everywhere even by them right? Well! Just a reminder it means a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationally, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.
    If people want to pray then you leave them alone. Why does it bother you so? why do you want to nose in those who pray anyways? I tell you why because it convicts you your sin.
    I am a Christian myself and I don’t appreciate you calling down on us. This country stays without the wrath of God’s judgement because of praying christians. The wrath of God is coming anyway before too long. It’s His judgement because of disobedience. But until then keep your own judgement too yourselves. Those without sin cast the first stone. God have mercy on you. Just a note: many atheists say they used to be christians, they weren’t because there were never really born-again. Born again by the water and the spirit. Jesus said, if they persecute me they will persecute you. Real Christians are loving talk to one.

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  • r


  • mary

    Whatever happened to “live and let live” anyway? Also, I resent your ascribing
    feelings to me. “Don’t go to church. You hate it, it’s boring, you probably
    only go because you feel guilty or obligated”? You don’t know me. You certainly can’t
    speak for me. I’m really sick of all this garbage. I don’t require you to believe in God. You have no right to tell me what to believe.

  • Thought Police

    But yes, I support such billboards. I sincerely wish that I had the money to spare to donate to your campaign or put up a billboard of my own that got a little more to the point. I think that it’s a fantastic idea to counterbalance some of the religious insanity that innocent people are bombarded with every day around this country with some reality. Of course some people are going to be butthurt about it, they’re mandated to. However, anyone who publicly airs their opinions should understand that doing so opens their opinions up to criticism.

    • rargos

      “anyone who publicly airs their opinions should understand that doing so opens their opinions up to criticism.” – ThoughtPolice

      Unless that someone is you, in which case anyone who disagrees with you is trolling and subjected to a long string of insults and profanity. Seems a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

      • Thought Police

        I was attacking you personally for being a piece of shit, not for holding a different set of beliefs than me. You seem to get off on bothering atheists simply for being atheists, and you apparently relish any opportunity to passive-aggressively assert your perceived superiority. Hence an equal and opposite reaction.

      • Thought Police

        Why do you worship a deity that intentionally harms its defenseless creations?

  • kristianh

    Would you do one making fun of muslims. would you put a qoran in a jar full of piss? or are Atheists a bunch of cowards ? Easy to attack Catholics,not so easý to make fun of people who would slit your throat..
    Go on, make fun of islam I dare you.

    • Cthulhu21

      I would but I can’t think of any good jokes.

  • rargos

    The fact that Seattle crushed (and almost shut out) Denver proves there is a God 🙂

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  • Pootis Spencer


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