#AAcon14 Convention App!

We’re excited to announce the convention app for Android and iPhone!

We are still filling in some of the missing content, but we wanted to give you access to the app early so you can get used to it and have the information you need.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Dave Muscato at [email protected]

To install the app, follow this link:


– If you are asked for your phone number, you can enter it here and you’ll receive a text with the download link. Or, you can enter the link manually on your phone’s web browser.
– Download and install the Yapp app
– Open the Yapp app. You do not need to create a log-in in order to access and use the American Atheists app
– From inside the Yapp app, open the American Atheists app.
– To access the American Atheists app at a later time on your phone once it is installed, keep in mind that the app will be labeled Yapp, not American Atheists. Our app is accessible from inside Yapp.
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    Pregame at my place.

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