#AAcon14 Live Streaming Now Available!

$20 for all 35+ talks & panels

Good morning everyone!

By overwhelming request, we have contracted to make live-streaming of the convention available to those of you who aren’t able to be here in person.

Livestream Now Available!

Join the conversation on Twitter—
The convention hashtag is 
Our handle is @AmericanAtheist

Although the full convention experience, including the comedy show, costume dinner, Awards dinner, book-signings, hanging out with all your favorite speakers, seeing all your convention friends, and SO much more isn’t replicable through a computer screen, we want to do what we can to make the convention talks available to more of you. If you’re in the Salt Lake area, full registration AND one-day passes are available at the door, in addition to student passes—$40 for the ENTIRE CONVENTION—and we strongly encourage you to attend in person. But if you can’t, you can watch the talks online here.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the convention app for iPhone and Androidplease do so now. We are using it to make announcements in advance of the convention, so don’t delay!

The convention schedule is online here.

It is expensive for us to provide streaming service, and as a non-profit, we cannot make it available free. But, we are able to provide all 35+ talks for the incredible price of $20 total (!). We strongly encourage you to become a member of American Atheists and if you can, make a tax-deductible gift to support the important work we can only do with your support.

The annual Members’ Meeting is kicking off right now, and the Welcome & Opening Remarks begin in 30 minutes (9:30 AM Mountain Time).

This convention is going to be one for the history books. Have a great time!


Dave Muscato
Public Relations Director

Instructions for live-streaming:

1. Click “Buy Video” in the lower-right corner
2. Click “Create a New Account”
3. Fill out the fields and create a username & password
4. Click “Buy Video” in the lower-right corner again
5. Click the cardboard box logo that says “Video Package”
6. Click the dropdown menu that says “– Choose Video Package –“
7. Select “[#793 aa]”
8. The box will read “# Videos: 4”; “Price: $20”; “Credits: 1 Credit”; “Access”
9. Click “Add to Cart”
10. At the top-right of the screen, click “Checkout”
11. Fill out the fields with your name, address, and credit-card information, and click “Submit”
11. It may take a few moments to process
8. It will process your request (takes a bit)
9. The stream will begin playing from there starting at 9:30 AM Mountain time.

Enjoy the talks!

  • Thomas Johnston

    Will these be available for download or on-demand viewing or only live?

    • MichaelTrollan

      Short answer: yes.

      Although I suspect you need to buy (or have previously bought) the live stream.

  • rob

    wow- I second the question below- are they only going to be available live?

    • MichaelTrollan

      I purchased the livestream (even though I was at the event, sometimes I was at the booths or in my room).

      I’m able to watch the recordings even now that the event is over (In fact I’m watching Greta Christina’s talk right now, at midnight on Sunday 4/21).

  • d

    There isn’t a “buy video” showing. Help! Thank you.

    • d

      But it is streaming. Let me know when the button is up so I can pay my share.
      Thank you for offering this service. I have a chronic illness and can’t travel. You have no idea how wonderful this is for me.

    • Michael T

      I found out I had to click on the “live video” icon on the right first before I’d see the “buy video” button.

  • nobody important

    American Atheists seem terribly concerned with acquiring fiat currency for being a non-profit. I’d say they’re making quite a nice profit.

    • MichaelTrollan

      It’s a nonprofit (i.e. zero profit is being made). All of the expenses are spent on the cause, and all of the income and expenses are available to the public for review.

    • Jane Smith

      Can you not read? Live streaming costs money. Are you volunteering to foot the costs of streaming for them? I didn’t think so.

      • nobody important

        I would expect one of you super-geniuses to be able to write your own live streaming program, or at least gut somebody else’s and tweak it enough to not have to worry about copyright. Nope. MONEY! God wants your money, the atheists want your money, the government wants your money, everyone wants everyone else’s money I guess. Well, lucky for me that I’m averse to participating in the nonsense of your beloved fractional reserve, compound interest bearing, fiat currency system.

        • Jane Smith

          Dr. Delusional, you have trouble following a simple concept: streaming costs money. You are blissfully unaware that *everything* costs money, even on your planet. I’m wondering how many beaver skins you traded for that computer you are using.

          • nobody important

            How constructive of you. Well, you certainly put me in my place, didn’t you? Have fun participating in your beloved doomed economy. If you live through the initial waves of violence that will inevitably follow the self-destruction of your society, try to remember that somebody once told you that the world has more than enough resources for everybody to have what they’d need to live a happy, comfortable, and healthy life. What keeps the children of your neighbors hungry is the greed of you and your ilk.

          • Jane Smith

            Please try to get on with your life. Obsessing about what other people do and think isn’t healthy. Take your medication. Your doctor and family care about you and want you to feel better.

          • nobody important

            Ahhh, good times, no? I’m no more concerned with what transpires within the tiny confines of your skull than I am with what the ants under your trailer are doing. Why then would I present to you such comments? Surely you must be aware that out of the 7+ billion people on this planet, there has to be at least one that will tell anybody anything simply to measure their reactions. I’m here for entertainment, and what entertains me is gauging the psychologies of strangers. I take a snippet here, a piece there, and eventually I get a pretty accurate picture of America’s future. Let me tell you sister, it’s not looking good. Your passive aggressive assertions belie the cognitive dissonance with which you struggle. I wish you well, I guess, and hope that my charades are as much fun for you as they are for me. Seriously though, it’s a mathematical certainty that the US dollar will collapse.

          • Austin the Arsonist
          • Cthulhu21

            What the hell are you talking about?

          • Austin the Arsonist

            Have you found a job yet, Austin Guthridge? Or is your felony arson record getting in the way?

          • nobody important

            No, I’ve had I good job. I got fired though, because I’m such a horrible person. So now Austin Guthridge is back to sitting on his worthless ass, contemplating whether or not to pull out all of the stops. Really, I’m not quite sure why obey the law any more. I did that one time walk with a friend that set a garbage bin on fire and then fail to report them to the police, instead passing out because of my Xanax overdose. Tell me brother, what good reason is there for Austin Guthridge the convicted !!!Arsonist!!! to continue to obey and uphold the laws to which he is supposedly subject to? He thinks that perhaps the world needs him to get in touch with his true nature and simply stop with his various charades.

            My dear old Raphael, economic slavery is nothing admirable. You should not work for peanuts so that some CEO somewhere can tremendously profit from your labor, all in the name of some misguided sense of value.

            My nonsense is for the sake of my own lighthearted (if a bit dark) entertainment; your nonsense seems to be for its own sake. Or rather to pain me, which is quite uncommon for a christian. I’ve personally never experienced or heard of a christian who would repeatedly go out of their way to personally hurt a stranger. Lol, you’re fun though.

            So, did you ever figure out why your god is so violent, and why you love your genocidal child murdering imaginary friend so much?

        • freethinker1

          i’d gladly push for dropping the non-profit tax exemption once the PAC’s do as well as all churches…. is hell freezing over again??

  • the crash dummy

    I can’t be there, but will be in line for a dvd.

  • Jane Smith

    I’d pay for DVD version, and I was at the event.

  • Craig Harris

    Some of the video titles appear to be messed up video 3 “Brian Dalton” is actually “Mark White”

  • freethinker1

    just saw j. silverman on ronan farrow daily announcing “Atheist TV”. what a great interview and idea…. the 700 club will soon be the 350 club 🙂

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