Press Release: American Atheists Announces World’s First Atheist TV Channel

Stanford, CA—American Atheists President David Silverman announced publicly this week during a speech at Stanford University the launch of the world’s first atheism-dedicated television channel, Atheist TV.

The channel will be available through internet-streaming service Roku, which offers devices similar to cable boxes that hook up to regular televisions. The atheism channel, believed to be the first of its kind, will begin broadcasting this summer. Content will be free.

“We’re going to TV because it’s part of our strategy of going to where we are not,” said Silverman. “There is a lot of potential here. From televangelists to Christmas specials, there is a plethora of religious TV programming to choose from. With Atheist TV, we’re filling a void: There are a lot of atheists and closeted atheists who are curious and want more. We have it, and the next step is bringing it to them.”

When Silverman says American Atheists has it, he’s being literal: The nonprofit organization recently digitized decades’ worth of television appearances from its 51-year history, including everything from mainstream TV appearances of founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair to current and archived episodes of its weekly syndicated TV show, The Atheist Viewpoint.

But the real highlight will be new, exclusive content: Content creators will provide  programming for the new channel, which will stream 24 hours a day, 7 days per week in addition to the on-demand content.

More information is available at

Contact: Dave Muscato, Public Relations Director 908-276-7300 x7[email protected]

AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that defends civil rights for atheists, freethinkers, and other nonbelievers; works for the total separation of religion and government; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy. American Atheists was founded in 1963 by Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

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Tel: (908) 276-7300
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  • Chris

    I think this is a great idea. A good name for the network would be “A+”. It would both symbolize the movement’s association with the Scarlet Letter “A” and represent our commitment to education. It is very important that atheists trademark science and technology, because reason is on our side. I can visualize reruns of Star Trek, Bill Nye and The Magic School Bus for children’s programming, original programming, and live events such as the American Atheist’s conventions, E3, and robot combat events. The History and Discovery Network is failing audiences, and because of the increase of reality programming on their respected networks, is creating a void that A+ could fill. Don’t mind the pun here, but I have faith that a network like this can succeed and make learning fun again.

    • Pierre A Renaud

      While agreeing on all your other points, it would be
      counterproductive for this new network to use the A+ name, as there is a
      precedent for it: “Atheism+ designates spaces, persons, and groups
      dedicated to promoting social justice along with skepticism and critical
      thinking, and countering misogyny, racism,
      homophobia/biphobia/transphobia, ableism and other such bigotry inside
      and outside of the atheist community.”

    • Sindarius

      Calling it A+ would be a terrible idea. It would be a deal breaker for me and a good many others. Don’t start out divisively.

    • Tony

      Don’t call it A+! That name already stands for the intolerant, man hating, whining, self appointed spokespeople of Atheism. More like A- really.

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  • RedneckCryonicist

    But how could anyone watch this channel? The shows will start and stop by random chance.

    • Cthulhu21

      Do you really have a problem with the idea that life probably started by chance? That seems like a weird, albeit questionable, analogy.

    • tony

      @Harry-Another person who has no grasp on the reality of evolution and how it works.

  • yay!!!

  • 3berryswi

    Best news in quite some time.

  • RaymondLuxuryYacht

    Availability outside the US? Cmon, lets hear it.

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  • Sam

    Please bring the network to Apple TV.

    • Bill

      I second this request!

      • Danny

        I third this request!

        • Dom

          Make that 4.

          • QuakerAtheist


    • I third it!!!

    • I fourth it.

  • xjoex

    About time. There’s literally hundreds of religious channels currently on the Roku and only one for non-belief: “Sound Reason”. And SR limits itself to a library of internet audio debates and podcasts, not original video.

  • I hope they show Scooby Doo in Saturday morning…but only the old ones, before the explanations became supernatural 😉

  • Callisto88

    If this channel were available on a Roku device, that would be excellent. If people can watch it on their televisions, it will feel more like an actual channel. Can’t wait!

  • Callisto88

    I typed too soon – it will be for Roku!

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  • Dustylady

    Hoping there will be evolution documentaries like Your Inner Fish!

  • samizad

    Why only Roku? I request Chromecast capability. And android app please.

    • Steven Shuster


    • cahartm


  • don

    will you be covering christaphobia as well . your God Satan will be pleased wot ?

    • David

      christophobia ? fear of the zombie jesus ?

      • Giridhara Mysore

        What we need to highlight is that belief in God should be strictly personal private affair and should not be merged either with society or the state.Knowledge, society and the state are secular

  • Harry

    any plans for availability on XBMC via a plugin maybe?

    • QuakerAtheist


  • Lady in Maine

    As a non-believer who is very socially isolated because of severe social anxiety, watching Atheist TV on my Roku will be a real BLESSING to me! And yes, xtians, I use your word “blessing” because this must surely be part of gawd’s plan.

    • Secular Jew

      Dear Lady in Maine,

      You can use the word blessing because the word actually has no supernatural meaning. In Hebrew it just means an inheritance or good omen given from one person to another person. Christians fouled the word up be from God.

      • Lady in Maine

        Yes, just as xtians have fouled up so much of human language, thought and reason.

  • Please be sure to get the word out when Atheist TV will be available!!

  • offwiththeirheads

    This is exciting, but my fear is that it will turn into reality tv programming like History, Discovery, TLC, and every other channel that used to be good. Fucking Honey Boo Boo.

  • JamesMMartin

    About time! Good news — and I do NOT mean that OTHER “good news”!

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  • Regina

    Will we be able to watch this on our computer? I don’t have Roku, and have no plans to get it. I can’t justify the expense of Roku just for this one channel.

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  • Sid

    Hope I can get it in Australia somehow.

  • Phlox Winkle

    I adore my Roku! And I am glad to be joining the heavy religious traffic on there. So many churches, missions, niche interests, and individuals have figured out how to do tv.

    In my dream, nonbelievers of all talents, labels, and interests would be making tv, too, to reduce the head start the religious crowd got in using this tech. Bravo, AA!!

  • mavireck

    excellent can’t wait, finally reality tv worth watching.

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  • Bayor

    Oh yea we’ll see how it goes. Fools say in their hearts that there is no God. Creating a TV station against Who they don’t believe exist is more like malady and self contradiction; a merry-go-rounding that ends nowhere. Does this really affect who God is? Definitely not. Oh they think He will cease to exist because some block headed mistake their folly for intelligence? The dimension and the realm of God’s operation is far beyond some thinning specks creating a caricature they called a TV show for clowns who speak from both sides of their mouth. Please go ahead and do the same in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, etc or you guys still can’t figure out with all your intelligence that it is not only Christians that believe in God? What a set of low lives… I really pity your conditions…

    • Lady in Maine

      Bayor – this kind of unintelligible diatribe makes it all the more important that people are helped to learn to think and act rationally.

      • Guest

        @Lady in Maine, thanks for the complement. Go and tell that to your venomous colleague first before you advise me. You won’t have to go far before you see it poured out against Christians.

      • Bayor

        @Lady in Maine, thanks for the ‘complement’. Go and tell that to your irrational venomous colleague first before you advise me …. or is fighting the air a sign of sanity? You are fighting against who you says does not exist from your perspective … sort of sounds like fighting the air. Very unproductive and unintelligible. You won’t have to go far in the post before you see all the venoms poured out against Christians.

    • Tom

      Bayor, you forgot the second part of the saying. “Fools say in their hearts that there is no God…. Wise men shout it from the rooftops.


  • harryf200

    Nah, shouldn’t exclude agnostics, i.e. agnostics and atheists TV – AATV – catchy and more likely to grab in some of those theists we’d like to influence.

  • Islam Mohamed


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  • Robert Phillips

    Seems this has pulled Ken Ham from the task of gluing feathers on the dinosaurs at the creationist Museum.

    Man how great!

  • Guest


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