Press Release: American Atheists Lauds Lack of Religious Exemptions in LGBT Anti-Discrimination Executive Order

Group Criticizes Continued Religious Discrimination by Charities

Cranford, NJ—On Monday, American Atheists voiced its approval for the lack of religious exemptions in President Obama’s executive order prohibiting companies with federal contracts from sexual orientation and gender identity employment discrimination.

“The bottom line for American Atheists is and will always be equality,” said American Atheists President Dave Silverman. “Today’s Executive Order is a historic move forward for all Americans. We’re thrilled that this executive order doesn’t include any religious exemptions, and that’s exactly how it should be. Claiming a religious belief is not and should never be a get-out-of-the-law free card.”

Silverman, however, expressed his frustration with President Obama’s refusal to rescind a G.W. Bush Executive Order that allows religious charities and houses of worship that receive government funds to discriminate in hiring policies based on religion. “The American people should never have to fund discrimination with their tax dollars,” Silverman said. “If these groups want to discriminate, they don’t deserve our respect, and they don’t deserve our government’s support.”

  • Hypocracyeverywhere

    I’m sure American Atheists would be happy to hire outspoken fundamentalist Christians to work on their staff, right?

    • immerda

      Hold it right there! Atheists are not receiving tax dollars and are not asking for them!

    • 67Dutchman

      We hire them all the time. We just don’t allow them to proselytize, condemn, preach or abuse ANY co-workers. It works well when they keep their bigotries and Imaginary Myths to themselves.

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