Press Release: Atheists Demand Christians Share Christmas in TN Billboard War

Cranford, NJ—American Atheists posted new billboards in Memphis and Nashville on Friday that read “Dear Christians, I share my toys. Why won’t you share the season? Happy Holidays for all!” The new message is in response to an anti-atheist billboard placed by a group of Christians on Thursday evening in Memphis that parodies the atheists’ first billboard that launched Monday and that accuses atheists of sacrilege and claims Christians are being bullied.

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The Christian campaign’s spokesperson Marshall Hart also accused American Atheists of “using children” to spread its message, despite using the photo of a three-year-old girl on its own billboard.

“The hypocrisy is unbelievable,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “Millions of American children are forced to go to church under the threat of being denied meals, losing household privileges, having their college tuition cut off, or being kicked out of their homes. Many atheist adults are forced to go to church under threat of divorce or lose custody of their children. We must ask the question, who are the real bullies? Those who are unafraid to stand up for our views on billboards, or those who destroy families from the inside out?”

The new American Atheists billboard designs replace the ones launched Monday in the same locations: in Memphis it is located on I-240 and Getwell and in Nashville on I-24 and Waldron Road.

The original American Atheists billboard design, the model for the anti-atheist billboard parody, was aimed at in-the-closet atheists who are pressured to observe religious traditions during the holidays, and who might also want to attend the annual American Atheists National Convention in Memphis in April. The original Monday-launched atheist billboards are still on display in St Louis, Milwaukee, and Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

American Atheists is bringing the billboards and its national convention to the Mid-South, where discrimination and distrust of atheists is especially pronounced.

The billboards will be on display until December 24. There is additional information about the American Atheists 2015 National Convention during Easter weekend, April 2-5 at The convention will take place at the Peabody Hotel, just off of Beale Street.

The convention will feature keynote speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a costume party, an art show, a Cards Against Humanity charity tournament, workshops, and talks by more than 20 of the atheist community’s greatest speakers, including Bangladeshi atheist blogger Asif Mohiuddin, Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple, founder Marshall Brain, renowned debater Matt Dillahunty, author and memeticist Dr. Susan Blackmore, historian and poet Dr. Jennifer Michael Hecht, and Fade zu Grau, a celebrity fashion designer (as seen on Lifetime’s Project Runway), and more.

Images of the original American Atheists billboards and the newly launched designs are available at
Alternate link for billboard artwork:

Please note: At the time of this release, 4:10 PM Central, the Nashville board is live and the Memphis artwork has been submitted to the billboard company but is still pending upload from the billboard company to the leased space. Since it is a digital billboard, the switch will be instantaneous once it has been uploaded.

For More Information Contact:

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Danielle Muscato, Public Relations Director 908-276-7300 x7, [email protected]

AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that defends civil rights for atheists, freethinkers, and other nonbelievers; works for the total separation of religion and government; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy. American Atheists was founded in 1963 by Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

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  • Jessica

    With all due respect why do atheists want to participate in a Christian holiday to begin with? Yes I am aware of beliefs that the Catholic church consolidated the holiday to line up with a pagan ritual but it is still in essence a celebration of Jesus. So if someone does not believe in Jesus why celebrate a holiday founded for Him. You do not try and celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah because it does not line up with your spiritual views so why single out Christmas? Also, it should not make people feel pressured to go to church and donate money because if you don’t believe then just don’t attend the service.

    • Casper

      All due respect but, the winter holiday was hijack by christians, winter celebration came before Jesus and I imagine it will be here long after he becomes mythology like the rest of it.

      • Jessica

        Then wouldn’t Hannukkah and Kwanzaa be the same as Christmas and hijacked winter celebration? I just really try to understand why people believe the things they do. It doesn’t make sense to me why it is only Christmas and why atheists feel like Christians are trying to not share the holiday. Just because it falls near the same day why can’t there be more than one kind of celebration. I do not care if you choose to celebrate Christmas or the winter celebration. Also, while I have someone willing to respond in a nice manner, what do atheists believe will happen when they die if they are wrong? Also, what do atheists base their beliefs of what is considered good and evil?

        • theron

          The Kwanzaa and Hannukkah celebrants aren’t shoving their privilege down our throats like the Christians have for hundreds or years, or in my case, my entire life. They are also not behind legislation that systemically denies rights to others based on their religion. To answer your question in another way, atheists don’t have any practical reason to discuss/debate the merits of the Greek pantheon around the holidays because their adherents have no political capital.

          Jessica, you’re second to last question is a thinly veiled threat. In essence, you’re saying God loves you and Christianity is great, but if you don’t believe, Jesus will burn you forever with his sweet-ass mercy. It only works on those who believe to begin with. Personally, if I had faith, I’d be more worried that I’m wrong and condemned to a poor afterlife just based on the numbers. There are ~2000 sects of Christianity, not to mention Islam, Hinduism et al. What makes you so sure you’re right? Statistically speaking, it’s improbable that you are. But to answer your question, we’re not worried about it. There is no scientific proof that there is an afterlife. It’s a nice thought to make people more amenable to social control. People like to dig up NDE anecdotes in response here and I’m more than happy to discuss that if you want to continue.

          Sam Harris answers your last question in his book, “The Moral Landscape” but I’ll do my best to recapitulate the central argument very briefly. Basically, human morality is linked to human knowledge. Can you imagine a world with less suffering and more human flourishing? I can imagine a world where 9 million children under the age of 5 don’t die every year as they do now. A situation or solution that engenders that outcome would be a more moral world. That outcome has nothing to do with religion, but our knowledge that innocent children are innocent. It requires no objective moral compass, just an acknowledgement that life is generally better than death, because death is the opposite of human flourishing. Interestingly, the Christian hell is the opposite of human flourishing. It is literally eternal torture for finite crimes.

          • Jessica

            I like your answer as we all would love to have a world where so many children didn’t die. Here’s the problem though, people are corrupt and at its very core human hearts want to take more than what they give. If you get a chance you should read an article by Matthew Parris called “I truly believe Africa needs God” Mr. Parris himself is an atheist and after going to Africa to see work that was being done at a well and realized that aide money was not the answer, but instead he saw the true change of heart that comes through the help of missionaries showing people the glory of God. People can be good but the world will only change when people have a real reason to live for not just the thinking that we are merely evolved from slim and have to make up moral rules as we go. I hope that you will find this change of heart one day and I will pray that you come to know God’s grace.

          • theron

            . . . because if I don’t then . . . . come on, finish your sentence.

          • Jessica

            Then that is the choice you have made and your right to choose. I know what you are thinking I would say and yes I firmly believe in Hell, but I also believe we all have a choice. Christianity is not hard in fact it is the easiest of all religions because unlike all other religions the work is already done for you. Whether you choose to believe in God or not, Heaven or Hell doesn’t mean I will hate you or berate you and I would never tell you that you have to change your views or that you cannot do what you want. All I am saying is Jesus told us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Like I said before I am a very curious person and have not had an opportunity to talk with someone of decent intelligence that might want to do more than argue. I am a psychology major so I am very interested in why people think the things they do from all aspects. I have a good friend who is atheist and we just agree to not talk religion. Also,my grandfather was an atheist and shot and killed himself and yes I do feel he is not in Heaven and is suffering, but you find peace and move on.

          • theron

            “Christianity is not hard in fact it is the easiest of all religions because unlike all other religions the work is already done for you.” – Jessica

            The literary device known as deus ex machina isn’t credible in storytelling, it’s far less credible in terms of salvation. To non-Christians this is an amusing and silly facet of the religion. Yahweh forgives death bed conversions, regardless of their crimes in life, so the 3 year old Hindu baby burns in hell along with your grandfather, who most likely was a good man, while a serial killer receives paradise. These are your rules, not mine. This is what you have chosen to believe.

            “Whether you choose to believe in God or not, Heaven or Hell doesn’t mean I will hate you or berate you and I would never tell you that you have to change your views or that you cannot do what you want.” –Jessica

            There are many Christians who aren’t enthralled with the concept of hell. I think these people are closer to the truth than those who insist on punishing and vilifying others for not believing in something we have no credible evidence of being real. Hell is also rife with human rights problems over the years. You don’t want to berate me now because it’s not socially acceptable, but 350 years ago, society had no problem killing non-believers. We still don’t have a problem with it as long as they have brown or coffee-colored skin which is why the US can wage successive wars against the nations of Islam (they don’t believe like we do, after all, and that makes them immanently slayable).

            What kind of god issues makes these rules, anyway? The kids can see right through it at least up until the time where they learn that being socially acceptable is contingent upon believing in an invisible sky-god. On one hand, you have people doing good because of their love of others, and for its own sake. On the other, you have people doing good to earn the graces of an angry god and for the promise of eternal life. Which seems better to you? Which seems like it’s born out of fear?

            That’s a side point though. The point I am trying to make is the belief in hell allows Christians to act horribly to non-believers. If you don’t see this in action as much today it’s because humanism and science has beaten back the darkness of religion, but this is why we keep fighting. So here’s a scenario. You’re my neighbor and you know I’m a non-believer. Now if you believe in your immortal soul and the immortal soul of your children, I pose, through my existence and powers of persuasion and logic, an existential threat to your children. In fact, having me around and a relatable and decent human makes them more likely to not see my way of life as a threat. This scenario, however, is threatening to everyone in the church, because it debases the bullshit claim that humans need an objective basis for moral values. It’s more threatening however, because it blurs the lines between what a good Christian does and what a godless person does. If I, a good person, goes to hell just because I don’t believe a Jewish man-god died 2000 years ago, a person who has never been seen again, but sometimes will appear on toast, that’s not very fair now is it? In fact, it’s preposterous.

            As long as that’s your worldview you will be seen as intolerant, in spite of your claims of tolerance, because it’s rooted in a notion of superiority. I don’t have a god who is going to punish you for not believing in him. I don’t have any justification for objectifying you as the other because I need to treat you as another precious human life. For me there’s no other place where everything gets made right, all I have is now. And being dead forever sure beats rolling the dice on whether my version of an Iron Age mythos is the correct version, and winding up in hell, forever, for guessing wrong, or being born in the wrong place, or to the wrong parents.

          • sammy

            If humans are the ultimate, why are Christians so stupid? Do all people have unlimited potential for good regardless of what they believe? If beliefs dont change that, why push a belief for no God without scientific proof He does not exist? If your goals are to love one another and act responsibly, that sounds like the Biblical golden rule so why is there opposition when our goals are the same? It sounds like the activism is based more on “we will get them back for hurting us” view than empathy. Christians are active because we believe ppl will suffer without Christ. We believe we mess up everyday and need God to clean us up and help us try again so I have no problem believing Christians have done terrible things. We all have. But there is something better after we finish up our 80 years or so on earth if we a look to Jesus.

          • theron

            I don’t even know where to begin. It’s great that you can believe in a magic god who, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, will save you from yourself. Enjoy that.

          • Manselainen

            “Then that is the choice you have made and your right to choose.”

            You really think that it is a matter of makin a choice to believe or not to believe? So if I, raised and learned to be an atheist, just decide hard enough I will suddenly become a genuine and true believer? Do you really think that is how it works?

            Let’s put it in another way. Ny your text you seem to be a true and honest believer.
            Could you choose not to be? Just a simple choice and you would not believe anymore?

          • cheese

            maybe the africans wouldnt have needed aid money if the christians hadnt stolen all their resources, tried to destroy and degrade their cultures, and turned them into second class citizens in their own country. just because an atheist says something doesnt make it true. people had their own religions before colonization, in case you didnt know. now for a lot of people, all they know is surviving from day to day. and belief in a god and afterlife can help with that to a certain degree, but they also need physical things, like food, and maybe shelter, and not constantly being in fear for their life.

          • Philip

            No-one forces Christmas down your throat. If you live in a liberal society such as the USA you must expect diversity of opinion. Even within Christianity itself there are shades of opinion. My father was a preacher for whom hell meant separation from God rather than what he regarded as the misinterpretation literal fire.

          • theron

            Ok, nice interpretation. Let me know if separating yourself from your kids for their refusal to worship you is working out for you.

      • Philip

        Casper, you haven’t understood Jessica’s point. The early Christian Church did not celebrate Christ’s birth only his resurrection. The early Church Fathers such as Tertullian and Iranaeus make no reference to it. Protestants viewed the celebration of Christmas with skepticism. Indeed, in 1644 the English Parliament outlawed Christmas and Dissenters continued call Yuletide ‘Fooltide’ after the Restoration of 1660. Hence your suggestion that the winter holiday was hijacked ‘by Christians’ is misleading. The changes were made by the Roman Catholic Church and not all Christians are Roman Catholics.

    • dudesgotagun

      A) It’s not a Christian holiday and was never supposed to be. That’s not a belief at all, that’s fact, look up Jermiah 10: 1-10
      B) Most Atheists were raised in Christian families and it has become a part of their tradition.
      C) Christmas is used to put up a lot of Christian propaganda (the manger and whatnot) in or on the property of government owned facilities because the majority of America is Christian and because for some reason the majority of America thinks Christmas is Christian and it makes literally everyone else feel singled out. Except maybe pagans.
      D) I appreciate your politeness.

      • dudesgotagun

        Perhaps singled out in ‘C)’ wasn’t correct, perhaps ‘unwelcome’ is closer to what I meant. Government building shouldn’t be endorsing these things.

        • Jessica

          Well I did read Jeremiah 10:1-10 after you posted and I see the resemblance with a Christmas tree, but it was referring to building false idols in general which many did during that time. I would never tell someone not to participate in whatever holiday they choose and in whatever way they choose. You saying that it is from growing up with Christian parents and it has become tradition makes very good sense to me so thank you for that understanding. I know a majority of Americans say they are Christians, but the unfortunate truth it that they are lying. The majority are not truly saved Christians and that is what leads many down the wrong path sometimes in bad ways and sometimes they use kindness to lead people in a bad direction. Preachers that talk nothing but tolerance, happiness, and nothing bad will happen to believers are false teachers. Like I said prior everyone should be careful who they choose to listen to. It is good to talk to someone with a different opinion who can communicate without hate and arguing. I would like to know your take on my other two questions as I am a very curious person by nature. From your stand point what do you believe happens when you die if you are wrong in what you believe? Since I pose this question I will also answer from my point of view. If I am wrong and most atheists are right nothing bad happens to me and I will have lived my life in a way I can be proud of. If other religions are right then I guess we will both be suffering eternally. Second question is how do atheists base what is good and evil? I know from knowledge, but that knowledge had to come from some where, which I believe to be God. It had to come from someone originally for it to exist. Then the question would be how did the first person decide what was good or evil? What if society decided rape was no longer evil but good? A Christian from a religious stand point would still not commit this act because the Bible tells us it is wrong, but would an atheist care and still think of it as being evil and if so why? I know I ask a lot of questions, i drive my husband crazy with them and a lot he cannot answer either.

          • dudesgotagun

            I can answer your questions based on what I believe. 1) When you die it’s almost like it’s before you were born, you simply won’t exist, which makes this life even more precious. Not all Atheists believe this, but because typically we’re aligned with fact and what can be discerned from such, it’s a common belief. As for if I’m wrong, a) I’m confident that I’m not because I base my views on evidence and my views can change when provided with more and b) I would hope a supreme being that ‘loves’ his children wouldn’t throw one in hell for asking questions. 2) Atheists get their morality from EMPATHY, understanding the pain of another and not wanting to hurt them. The fact that a book 1000’s of years old is the only thing keeping you from killing and raping people is absolutely horrifying, you don’t need a book to be moral. It’s funny you would mention rape, by the way, because your Bible doesn’t actually have a problem with it. Look up Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Numbers 31: 9-18, Judges 5:30, Zechariah 14:1-2, the list goes on. The Bible is actually super misogynistic, violent, and racist. It was one of the arguments for keeping slavery and for denying women equal rights.

          • Think

            Why not quote from the New Testament instead? Love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, etc.? Strange that your arguments against Christianity are based on obscure Old Testament quotes that even the most ultraorthodox Jew would not defend in modern times.

            Even if the Bible were a complete fiction, God would still exist. We don’t discard science because our understanding of the universe is imperfect, but you want to discard religion because you don’t like some people’s explanations of it.

          • Manselainen

            “Old Testament quotes that even the most ultraorthodox Jew would not defend in modern times.Even if the Bible were a complete fiction, God would still exist.”

            Wait? What?

            The bible was supposed to be the true and eternal words of God. It is seen a the basis of whole christianity. Now you are saying that parts of it are not to be defended and obeyed? And for why? Because moden civilisations have developed their moral concepts through empathy and not power? But above Jessica just said that the source of chrstian empathy is the bible…

            I am a bit confused now. Is the bible the words of God or not? Is it the source of the christian moral code or not?
            What kind of an entity is God if the Bible is all fiction?

          • dudesgotagun

            Oh sure I’ll quote the new testament, here’s a quote from Jesus himself
            Luke 12:47-48
            47 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. 48 But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

          • dudesgotagun

            Oh and by the way, don’t think the Old Testament isn’t relevant just because it’s more, archaic, Jesus never said to stop following it:

            Matthew 5:17-18

            17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For
            truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest
            letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from
            the Law until everything is accomplished.

            And if the Bible were complete fiction, then the Christian religion is complete fiction, but I do agree with that. It does not mean god is real though, show me a scrap of evidence.

    • DeistReality

      Yes Christmas was more about the Life that surrounds us rather then some demigod here to save us from the sins of the world. Sins that ultimately the biblical god created. Don’t be sad it’s becoming all about Nature and real people now like days of old!

  • DR. Wright

    CHRISTIANS DO NOT “Millions of American children are forced to go to church under the
    threat of being denied meals, losing household privileges, having their
    college tuition cut off, or being kicked out of their homes. Many
    atheist adults are forced to go to church under threat of divorce or
    lose custody of their children.” THAT IS A LIE YOU ATHEIST”S ARE DIRTY LAIR’S!!!

    • XXDarrienX
      • Ninja of reason

        Ha! Us dirty lying atheists are all about the research.

        • Cthulhu21

          And there’s a reason for that. Good research into the what’s what tends to be good for distingushing the bullcrap from the facts. (not expecting you to have a good argument to the contrary, just saying)

          • Ninja of reason

            ‘Us ‘ … Not ‘u’… I’m on ur side u douche 😉
            I was trying to be ironic.

          • Cthulhu21

            Ok, sorry about that. Sarcasm is hard to discern in an internet setting.

          • Ninja of reason

            No worries man. So you been debating Christians long? I’ve not had any converts yet but I’ve got a good feeling about JuJu Crafts 🙂

          • JuJu Crafts

            LOL keep up that hope 😀

          • WallaceLeMay68

            You have, inadvertently, given me the empirical evidence I have been looking for to support my new proof for the existence of God: the argument from douche.
            P1: if a maximally douchy entity exists, there must some transendant, countervailing entity which embodies all that which in not douchy. Otherwise, douchiness would have overwhelmed the universe.
            P2: non-douchy things exist, such as Jesus, America, freedom, baseball, Ronald Reagan, etc.
            P3: a maximally douchy entity exists (proven by your last comment ).
            P4: maximal douchiness does not dominate the universe based on the existence of P2 + sunsets, babies, Chuck Norris, etc.
            P5: the transendant embodiment of maximal non-douchiness, which allows for existence of P2, must be spacess, timeless, immaterial, omnipotent, in order to overcome the maximal douchiness of P3.
            That entity is what classical theists call God.
            Thanks again neck beard boy. In all your pseudo-intellectual, teenage angst ridden butthurt fury, you have proven the existence of God.

          • Cthulhu21

            You’re just as much proof of one as any in this regard dude. You’re inferiority complex is once again noted.

          • WallaceLeMay68

            No atheistic position can be taken seriously until two threshold questions can coherently be answered. 1. Why is the atheist even engaging in the debate. On atheism, there is no objective basis for even ascertaining truth; there is no immaterial aspect to consciousness and all mental states are material. Therefore, everyone who ever lived and ever will live could be wrong about a thing. By what standard would that ever be ascertained on atheism? Also if atheism is true, there is no objective meaning to existence and no objective standard by which the ‘rational’ world view of atheism is more desirable, morally or otherwise, to the ‘irrational’ beliefs of religion. Ridding the world of the scourge of religion, so that humanity can ‘progress’ or outgrow it, is not a legitimate response to this because on atheism, there is no reason to expect humanity to progress or grow. We are a historical accident that should fully expect to be destroyed by the next asteriod, pandemic, or fascist atheist with a nuke. In short, if atheism is correct, there is no benefit, either on an individual or societal level, to knowing this or to spreading such ‘knowledge.’ 2. Related to this, why is the atheist debater even alive to participate. If there is no heaven, no hell, no afterlife at all, only an incredibly window of blind pitiless indifference, then the agony of struggling to exist, seeing loved ones die, and then dying yourself can never be outweighed by any benefit to existing. As rude as it way sound (and I AM NOT advocating suicide) the atheist should have a coherent explanation for why they chose to continue existing. Failure to adequately address these threshold questions should result in summary rejection of the neckbeard’s position.
            In the end, we all know you can’t answer these questions because yours is a petty, trivial, localized, earth bound philosophy, unworthy of the universe.

          • Cthulhu21

            I’m beginning to wonder why I’m talking to you about something that you’ve already been talking to someone else about. The only conclusion I can come up with is that you have no intention of listening to what I or others have to say on the matter and just want to pick a fight. Based on that I’ve decided it’s pointless to talk to you with that mindset.
            So, goodby. Your repeating your claims still does not prove your point.

          • JuJu Crafts

            ANY statistic can and usually is skewed to reach the result of the party that wants to show a specific result. My hubby is a doctor of Pharmacy .. they do MUCH research that are “blind” studies and I promise you, it’s not blind… when one study doesn’t show what the manufacturer wants after they have invested millions, they don’t just stop there’s always a new study, sometimes hundreds until just the right study can be given as proof to process the drug to it’s commercial state …. do you know the difference between the U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, and U6 unemployment rates?? just an example … did you know that carrots will kill you? 99.9 % of the population that ate carrots died … (prior to 1805). … statistics are useless

          • Cthulhu21

            Right, does that mean that we should distrust statistics for no reason other than that people can forge them?

      • Think then post

        Proof by selected instance. This is no different from calling all blacks criminals becuase some blacks commit crimes, or all gays pedophiles because some gays abuse children.

        It would be a far more convincing refutation if, say, the Catholic church stipulated that non-Mass-attending children should not be fed. Obviously, this is nowhere near the case (in fact, most churches feed the hungry without asking them to prove regular Church attedance).

    • dudesgotagun

      You’re not Atheist, you have no idea. Click on Darrien’s link, this kind of thing happens all the time. You have no possible way to deny these claims, I can support it as I’ve been treated terribly by ‘Christians’ my entire life. I find Christians are typically the most unlike a merciful Christ than most others I’ve met.

      • Jessica

        I am sorry you have been treated badly, but not all Christians are like that. In fact those Christians are usually not true Christians to begin with and just play church. I completely admit terrible stuff happens at the hands of people claiming to be christian, but the truth is those people are no more saved than you. In our world one must be extremely careful who they listen to when it comes to christians because there are so many false prophets and teachers. This is a big reason why so many young people are leaving churches and falling away from God. It is truly sad and all sides.

        • theron

          You can’t play the “they’re not true Christians” card.

      • JuJu Crafts

        Looking through world history – and focusing mostly on our current news — there are many atrocities attributed to those with religion … and equally many atrocities not related to religion at all … guess that means that humans in general have a lot to learn and are imperfect beings … just curious, do you think because someone is black they are the “criminals” too ??

        • dudesgotagun

          Where did you even get racism from this conversation?

    • dudesgotagun

      By the way you should really look up Jermiah 10: 1-10, Christmas was never yours anyway.

    • King Devyn Burke III

      I beg to differ on account of personal experience. My parents force me to go to church under the threat of kicking me out of the house. They aren’t even the extremist type you hear about on the news. It’s not something I care to wine about, (although I will bring it up when someone says it’s not true)

      If you don’t believe me, tell you what, if you still live with your parents why don’t you do a little experiment and tell them you’re an Atheist for a month. See if they don’t try and “save your soul” and force you to go to church with them under several threats.

      • JuJu Crafts

        Ever think maybe they thought you were just ending up being an a**hat and was reaching at what they thought was the best they knew to do for you? Or are you saying that your parents “forcing” you to go to church was their innate evil side, child abuse, and they are ignorant people? or … were they doing the best they could, with the knowledge they had?

    • David Glenn

      Lairs did u mean liar..

  • andreas

    Satanic temple member at atheis convention?

  • DeistReality

    How are these billboards related to science the Atheists claim they’re so good at. Seems like religion to me about as secular as any Abrahamic faith who push a world view then in the end offering absolutely nothing! Offering another gOD that isn’t!
    Hypocrites the whole lot of them!

    • Ninja of reason

      To be fair it would take a pretty big billboard to fit all the scientific evidence discrediting religion.

      • DeistReality

        Depends what you mean by “religion”? If you mean all the Abrahamic faiths then you could have a point. But if you mean a path of understanding this Power the millions of us rightly honor with the sacred title of God…and people grouping together under a certain understanding then there is no evidence to discredit Deism. A word that means God yet implies studying the physical evidence found in Life to gain any real insight on the matter.
        Science is to the First Cause
        Deism is to God

        • Ninja of reason

          I agree there’s no evidence to discredit the idea of creator anymore than there is evidence that proves one exists. So nobody actually knows. But wagering a guess ( especially when that guess is heavenly father / personal saviour ) is a bit wishful at best and intellectually irresponsible.

          • theron

            There’s also no evidence against the FSM being the creator. Let’s make up some more shit and say it’s the creator.

          • Ninja of reason

            Yeah man. Spaghetti monster agnostics unite!

          • Cthulhu21

            Not against that.

      • JuJu Crafts

        Those with a belief in God knows that He works by organized laws, rules and within limits that He himself created … basically, your man-named “science” was created by our God … yep … my daddy’s bigger than your daddy.

        • Ninja of reason

          And that’s why I said you can’t reason with Christians. Because when all the cards are down you will start making unverifiable claims. You do not know God and you do not know with which laws he does or does not operate. What you know is what you’ve read in your holy book and what ur pastor told you. The world has had just about enough people who, like you, think they know what God wants.

          And in regard to your other message; none of those examples prove or even point in the direction of the supernatural. Spontaneous remissions happens all the time and as for the puppy? Well, I can hardly express what a laughable suggestion it is that God reserves his healing powers for puppies and watches with indifference while children get raped by priests!

          And finally ( although there are only so many times I can explain the definition of ‘theory’ to a religious person without wanting to cut my wrists ) here I go again…

          A ‘scientific theory’ is an explanation of some aspect of the natural world that has been substantiated through repeated experiments or testing. But to the average Joe, a theory is just an idea that lives in someone’s head, rather than an explanation rooted in experiment and testing. To refer to evolution as “just a theory” is a grave misrepresentation of the word. Let me make this clear. Evolution is fact. Even most Christians have come to peace with this ( insisting that God oversaw the process of evolution ). For you to want to prevent yours or others kids from learning it is a form of child abuse. We both know that you would rejoice at the thought of discovering Noah’s Ark yet you want to deny fossil evidence and geological studies proving the earth to be billions of years old? How can you not see that you are deciding what to believe based on your faith and not calculating evidence objectively?

          Sure your dad is bigger than my dad…. But my dad is real. You can think you have as big a dad as u want but don’t expect him to show up at your little league games. ( if you’ll excuse the awesomeness analogy ever!)

          • JuJu Crafts

            Actually I don’t have a “Pastor” and I have read many “holy” books as well as many scientific “findings” I agree with many of both – also you do not know what my communications with my God have been like (at the end of this communication you will understand what I mean by that, yes I have a confession). How you can say what I know, or don’t know, is simply an example of your lack of humility (which is merely the ability to be teachable) and of astounding and unjustified arrogance. I do not agree with any such translations of a 6,000 year period of earth’s creation, as neither do any of the religious people I have ever
            communicated with, other than one. Likewise, I have never had a conversation with anyone who had a masters or doctorate in the sciences that tried to
            call the Theory of Evolution … a Law. My husband is a Doctor of Pharmacy, thus we have several
            doctorate colleagues and friends in many esteemed fields and we enjoy much conversation (the opposite of internet bantering – I find a great deal of humor in internet persiflages despite my spouse’s loathing that I spend so much time communicating with what
            he calls the real PPF (Primordial Pool Fillers) . Actually, it is quite a laughable thought, even without a reference to any spiritual beliefs whatsoever, that an intelligent being would conclude that by solely comparing the minute amount of actual real data that is “suppose” to confirm? millions and millions of years of “evolution” that they would claim evolution is a Law, a fact (as my 3 year old niece says, “you iz sew
            I am very secure in my knowledge, I do not doubt it. I do have much more to learn, but not by “man’s” inadequate teachings on the matter of creation, and
            definitely not swayed by internet chatter by those that are filled with fallacy & contempt -I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “philosophies of men
            mingled with scripture”.

            As far as children go, allowing or forcing a child to become a public display (or even suggesting that this is a great idea) so that some atheist group can try to further its agenda is indeed child abuse, the actions of a forming cult trying to get attention. Parents, regardless of belief (or nonbelief) systems should do THEIR best to teach THEIR children what THEY feel will be good and correct for the child and that will assist them through life (and the eternities when they find the truth of such). However, enforcing tactics that put them as posing for the public eye is a despicable act.

            If you think for a moment that once popular scientific theories are not often found disputable and just
            outright INCORRECT you need to research more. Despite many proven experiments, findings, hypotheses & years and decades of man hours, there
            are theories that are completely “flushed” and found wrong — Most of them are easy to “google” should you have an interest – that being said, I do
            think scientists have found a few truths and laws along the way, I hope they find more, but by no
            means are they prepared at this level of man’s current knowledge, to understand the universes from a simply “intellectual” viewpoint. Most humans misplace their carkeys on a weekly basis. As humans we stumble on trying to understand our current existence and how our bodies, genetics, illnesses, and minds work, even insects are too complicated for most, Yet there are those who blindly
            follow the same in believing they (because they have the title of “scientist” understand the creation of all things. Evolution is not a fact, even scientists do not teach it as the “Law” of Evolution, it is a theory and though things do adapt, there is no proof of
            an actual full linkage of evolution from one complete species to another formed complete species. What fossil records scientists try to use are most generally partial, of very small quantity, basically minute, and nonlinking and vague, and they are filled in by the hand of the imperfect scientist who tries to closely meet their own hypotheses, even POOR LEMMINGS have met their fate at the hands of vainglorious scientists hoping to make a names for themselves, Thankfully, there are a few that do not try so search out statistics simply skewed in their favor. I do
            not doubt that there are fantastic and glorious things we have yet to discover in the universe including other inhabited planets, but hopefully, this
            one is the only one that “fell” farther away and the only one that would attempt to kill its own God, the Ghetto of the universes, if you will.
            Like I said before … if there was even a question about God in your mind, would you spend your time trying to disprove or prove God’s existence?
            Now, as a note of honesty, and as a “nondisclosed” experiment on my end, the list that you demanded of my experiences with God were completely fabricated –
            I will not cast my “pearls before swine” – but I also had full intent on telling your that they were fabricated. It was a “blind” experiment, I wanted to see if it was true what one of our friends stated, that if you told someone who CLAIMED to be an atheist of your experiences, even if they were heart-felt, that the person would do their best to demean your experiences, they would not be able to ignore them without trying to make them insignificant. You indeed met the criteria, at least your reaction will be brought up in our next discussion group, You do not want to hear anyone’s experiences, you only wish to demean others with some unfounded self-righteousness. I have my experiences and because of them I will try to continue on my road to knowledge., I hope the same for you. Thanks for all the “information”.

          • Jonathan

            “As far as children go, allowing or forcing a child to become a public display (or even suggesting that this is a great idea) so that some atheist group can try to further its agenda is indeed child abuse … However, enforcing tactics that put them as posing for the public eye is a despicable act”.

            Did you accidentally miss the second paragraph of the above article where the Christian campaign’s spokesperson accused the atheists of “using children” to spread their message despite using the photo of a three-year-old girl on their OWN billboard, or was your statement just more of the usual stock-standard Christian hypocrisy that I should have attached no great importance to because when you lot are the perps it doesn’t count?

          • Ninja of reason

            I think you’ve mistaken my purpose, I’m not trying to demean people’s personal experiences and I’m not on some spiritual party pooping quest. Like I’ve said before, if religious people could keep things to themselves then words like atheist and anti-theist would not need exist. The fact is they can’t. They have actively tried to influence government, education, laws based on biblical morality ( lol ) and even killed in the name of their God. History has shown that to think you have got God on your side will enable to do just about anything.
            You were trying to tell me that your experiences ( or claimed experiences ) justified reason for a God. I simply told you the truth. They do not. Weird things happen all the time. Not knowing the answer to them and just jumping to God is wishful and is intellectually lazy. But even if you choose to do this I would not have a problem. Unfortunately if laws, education, politics and so many aspects of our society are going to be influenced by religion then I’m sorry but “you didn’t experience it so I can’t tell you” isn’t gonna cut it. You better verify that what u r saying has any credit whatsoever.

          • Philip

            With respect Ninja a scientific theory is not factual but a working hypothesis and those hypotheses which gain widespread acceptance create a new paradigm which lasts until a new paradigm is established and replaced by another theory or working hypothesis. As Karl Popper wrote, ‘Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve’. All scientific theories must be capable of being falsified or they are not scientific.

          • Ninja of reason

            Ok so let’s just put aside for a minute the overwhelming evidence for evolution and the clarity of the detailed workings of life that it can instill in someone who makes the effort to study and understand it.

            I agree that to be totally certain in most things is to be ignorant and if I were to be asked am i 100% sure of evolution I would say no. ( although I’m curious to know your take on the theory of gravity )
            What we need to look at here is what we’re comparing. Evolution or creationism of some kind. In order for us to make a reasonable conclusion to any question we have to make the best decision with the information we have at hand. We then need to deciefer whether the process by which this information came about is credible. So let me ask you, 1) what information do we have about creationism vs information about evolution? 2) by what process was this information arrived at?
            3) which process is more credible?

            Answer these questions to yourself honestly and you will find that, where it may not convince you of evolution, it will completely rule out creationism or any other theological argument.

      • Philip

        Ninja, your comment is irrational. Science is neutral it does not discredit religion. Its findings may raise questions about doctrines and practices of religious persons but it may also raise questions about the practices of non-religious persons too.

  • Made up facts

    “Millions of American children are forced to go to church under the threat of being denied meals, losing household privileges, having their college tuition cut off, or being kicked out of their homes”

    Data, Mr. Silverman? Or are you projecting from your own childhood?

    I suppose that if the child of atheists came home and started professing his or her belief in Jesus, the parents would be okay with that?

    • Philip

      Mr Silverman is spouting propaganda not facts.

  • Guest

    Any atheist who is given time off during the holiday that doesn’t tell their employer that they insist on working during the holiday season, since it’s designed around something they don’t believe in, and also they will NOT accept any overtime pay or pay at time and a half isn’t living their own standards (and make sure that even if your school district is giving holiday time off, you have your kids realize how inappropriate it is by having them study the exact school hours they should have been in school if it wasn’t for these “Christian” beliefs) … Just simply tell them, I don’t believe in that and I want a regular work day, heck, I’m even going to work at home if you force me to take a holiday , if you do pay me, I’m donating 100% of that pay to… — yeah, I see that happening all over the USA …. way to live up to your beliefs and values …

    • Jonathan

      Hmmm … plagiarise much? Your sentiment is almost a carbon copy of another one under a different name in “Atheists promote Skip Church Christmas Billboards in South”, which makes responding a simple matter of cut and paste.

      “Well, only if YOU refuse the same benefits for the NON-RELIGIOUS holidays of New Years Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day.

      I mean, I’ve never seen any of the talking snake believers engaging in supreme hypocrisy … oh, wait … yes I have.”

    • alzan

      Unrealistic; most employers close on Christmas due to the stranglehold that Christianity has on this country. Reverse the situation; if your employer was atheist/agnostic and remained open with mandatory work hours for all employees would you work or take a paid holiday? If your employer dictated that no one take Christmas off would you file a EEOC complaint based on 1st Amendment religious practice rights?

    • Atheist since Four

      Christmas is a completely secular holiday for atheists, most of us still celebrate it, just not religiously, what your saying is mute.

      • HGC

        er… “Moot” says the heathen grammar cop.

  • JuJu Crafts

    Another thought on the matter : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .. anyways 🙂

  • Jonathan

    “The Christian campaign’s spokesperson Marshall Hart also accused American Atheists of “using children” to spread its message, despite using the photo of a three-year-old girl on its own billboard.”

    Hehehehehehe! Oh well, dumb ass beliefs in invisible sky fairies will of necessity have to attract dumb ass people to pass the idea on to future generations of dumb ass children.

    So many stupid people … so few lightning bolts.

  • David Glenn

    Lairs …hey y’all sumbody called Sumone a lair haha must be a atheist who cannot say liar cause it’s a religious term

  • David Glenn

    I’m ocurious how does a atheist feel about santy Claus and Rudolph…are they a subversive way of promoting Christ mas

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