Atheists Decry Bigotry Cloaked in NC ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

New Law Threatens Rights of LGBT Couples, Atheists, Religious Minorities

Raleigh, NC—In a vote today, the North Carolina legislature overrode Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of Senate Bill 2, a bill which gave government employees the right to refuse to perform marriage services for any couple as long as the employee cites a deeply held religious objection.

“This is yet another example of religion being used to excuse bigotry,” said National Legal and Public Policy Director Amanda Knief. “North Carolinians should expect and demand that state employees perform their duties for everyone. No exceptions. This is a sad day for the people of North Carolina and for anyone who values a government that treats all people with dignity and respect. The religious beliefs of state employees performing civil marriage services are irrelevant.”

North Carolina has recognized same-sex marriage since October 2014. The passage of SB-2 is just the latest example of so-called “religious freedom” bills being used to allow state employees, businesses, and others to discriminate against LGBT people and others on the basis of religious belief.

“This is shameful,” said American Atheists National Program Director Nick Fish. “Shirking your duties as a state employee and treating people like second class citizens has no place in North Carolina. This law is opening Pandora’s box.”

American Atheists Regional Director for North Carolina Sincere Kirabo added, “When so-called religious freedom blatantly discriminates against a certain segment of citizens, it is a direct restriction of freedom that also perpetuates stigma and inhibits egalitarianism. This exercise in bigoted legislation has no place in North Carolina.”



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  • I assume lawsuits are being prepared?

    • Cousin Ricky

      They would need plaintiffs, though, plus a judge who won’t just dismiss it with, “Can’t you just find a different clerk?”

    • Jonathan Blake

      That’s the only way you queers can get anything done. Whaaaa we’re going to court . Whaaa were big babies you want to shove your perverted beliefs down everyone’s throat but when some one else does it, Whaa were going to court. Grow a dam pair will ya.

      • Sean Nolan

        You sir are the one trying to shove YOUR perverted beliefs down everyone’s throat. Have you no sense of tolerance or decency?

        • Jonathan Blake

          You are high. These tablets are the foundation of billions of peoples beliefs and you want removed. That ahole is intolerance. If you homos were tolerant this thread would not even be here. Take responsibility for your actions.

          • Sean Nolan

            First of all. Nowhere in those tablets does it say that homosexuality is a sin. What it does say is not to worship false idols, which you are doing by holding those tablets in such high regard.. Second of all, “If you homos were tolerant this thread would not even be here.” How is that being tolerant?

          • Jonathan Blake

            That’s exactly right if you godless people were tolerant of others you would’t be on this site bitching and moaning.

          • Sean Nolan

            And what are you doing on here?

          • Jonathan Blake

            I fighting to put mongrel swill like you godless aholes in your place. Get out of my country.

          • Sean Nolan

            By verbally abusing people and demanding that they get kicked out of your country? Now who is not being tolerant of others?

  • GodlessMama

    “Religious freedom”…….I do not think it means what religiholics think it means.

  • Michele Passarelli

    Disgusting but not shocking. I suppose Catholic employees will refuse to issue licenses to divorced people; people who have been living together “out-of-wedlock”; people of different faiths and of course, color. Just the beginning of a lot of expensive lawsuits for NC. Hillbillies.

    • Martin28

      I assume your reference to “hillbillies” suggests the backward thinking of the lawmakers, yet the reverse is true: those who advocate dissolving moral codes are the true “hillbillies”.

  • Andre D

    Fuck you and your imaginary god and stop shitting on actual people.

    • Barry Davis

      Ditto!!! There has been some discussion in scientific circles that monogamy is unnatural, anyway.

      • Martin28

        I agree, so is temperance. We should do whatever comes ‘naturally’ to us. We should all kill each other if we feel like it, too. We could be just like animals, wild and free! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    • Martin28

      How shocked will you be to discover in the end that God is not imaginary. And what will you do then?

  • Fell X …

    Legal marriage is a subject regarding families benefitting of the rights of the family as provided by law.
    Religion has no business whatsoever there.
    If the United States of America are comfortable with becoming a THEOCRACY, then they should simply Declare as such.
    As long as they declare they still are a democracy, as in the civilian rule of the people, religion has no business interfering with the law.
    Religion is an organisation.
    Under the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the entire spirit of American law, no other entity but the entire sum of the american citizens, regardless of personal lifestyle choice has the right to decide upon the United States.
    Any law that enables an employee bound by the American law system to refuse doing their legal job DIRECTLY VIOLATES the spirit of the entire legal system of the United States of America.
    Last I checked, America is a Federation of states, not an Alliance, which directly means that, while state Administrative freedom is provided, the states still remain under the communal rule of the people of the Federation.

    Therefore, under the umbrella of state freedom, a rule that injects religious rule in the laic rule is pased, in direct violation of the will of the entire American population.

    A law regarding human rights in the federation MUST be agreed upon by the entire population of the federation.

    Otherwise, the United States of America becomes a ragtag colllection of democratistic kingdoms and the possibility of a new segregation at least as far as legal rule has just been opened.

    I conclude by repeating, marriage as in the LEGAL recognition of the couple is a SECULAR, people’s law affair, religion has no business whatsoever in here.
    In simple, if this law is passed, it directly and clearly legiferates discrimination.


    • Martin28

      How mistaken you are. The nation was founded on God and His Laws, not individuals and their whims.

      • Fell X …

        Martin, I’m long past caring for human mind poisons. I begun as an occultist then I switched to 10 years of orthodox christian fanatism. I was the one carrying a bible in the back pocket even at the toilet.
        I know from both camps all the religion infested mentality you can throw at me, so go right ahead, I won’t care more.
        The point remains: the laws that regulate legal protection of the couple are civil laws, religiion needs to keep it’s ass with it’s own rules and butt out of civil society.
        If I am muslim, or Buddhist, or atheist, I have no obligation to obey your religious law. If, in your perception, I burn in hell for that, well, that is my choice.
        Because, if your law gets to be the boss again, in a very short while we have the likes of the witch hunts and the crusades again.
        The power of religion has been historically proven to be a generator for suffering, and, yes, humans, and not gods have created this suffering, but yes, they have done it under the umbrella of a religious ideology.
        The law that governs all people needs to be under the accountability of the people.
        Your religion needs to stick to making rules for itself, not for the rest of us.
        And I seriously disbelieve that it is gramatically correct to attribute the term “whim” to a legislative body such as the parlament.

        • Martin28

          You should check out Biblical prophecies: those who reject the discipleship of Jesus will have the laws forced upon them by worldly agencies. You can’t escape truth and reality forever; we will all eventually have to come into line with God’s Laws, or perish. It’s as obvious as the fact that if you don’t eat right and exercise, you’ll get sick and die. Carrying a Bible while you’re on the toilet won’t cut it. There’s no getting around it, so might as well get used to it. Btw, I’m not religious, but spiritual. I’ve met Jesus; He is amazing, you should get to know Him. Beats the hell out of religion.

          • Fell X …

            Yeah, well, I suppose I was right in guessing your ear is deaf to anything else but religious delusion.

            THIS is why I specified I went through 10 years of orthodox christian fanatism.

            This is preciselly the kind of stuff that I, myself would have told someone back then.

            My mouth has spoken such words.

            Problem is, the bible says “I am true because I say so” while science says : “what I concluded is true because you can verify and re-verify it yourself over and over again and get consistent results”

            Bible demands self-indoctrination, science gives freedom to test and refute.

            Therefore, just as I declared in the first paragraph, such dramatic religious declarations merely bore me now.

            You see, the priests of Horus, or Ra, or Isis, would have happily gutted you back then for blasphemy and they also thundered doom with their voices, and who cares for their gods today ?

            Oblivion, being forgotten is the fate of gods.

            We made them, we leave them behind.

            If we are to fear, we’d better fear our procrastination because, if mighty space throws at us some cosmic phenomenon of extinction level we are screwed.

            Thus, rather than gawking dumbstruck at placebo gods we’d resolve to unite our resources and forces and get the human species spaceborn, so when space gets cheeky with us, we merely move away from danger.

            Yes, the fanatics kind will still plague mankind with their lies for a while, but these are not the secluded dark ages anymore.

            There is the internet here, which is so much more than the WWW. There are various currents, many of which benefit from science.

            Truth has arrived in force, my dear fanatic, and if truth does anything, it is death to lies.

            Of course you will not hear what the “god of the gaps” concept wants to point out. Of course in your religion constructed inner universe we are mere victims of the deceit of some wicked Satan.

            And of course we don’t care.

            We have history. History has proven nothing of gods and has proven much for science.

            You preach Jesus ? There was the Roman Empire calling the shots back then. We have a trove of historical knowledge from them.

            How come the one person that supposedly turned jewish religion upside down, reached all the way to the top religious council and was ultimatelly sentenced by the roman governor, after which changed the religious face of Europe appears in NO RECORDS of that time ?

            Because Rome says nothing of Jesus.

            At his time, the man that frightened religious Judeea, was unheard of.

            He supposedly resurrected a dead man for fk’s sake !

            And no records of that time ? Only what the apostles said ?

            I have been the Fanatic Cristian. I have spoken words of doom.

            But I grew up.

          • Martin28

            Well, maybe you grew up a little, but you haven’t yet grown up. Because if you did, you would be able to competently assess what I am telling you. Instead, you are simply regurgitating a bunch of mumbo-jumbo you memorized years ago. I pray that you will be able to escape the conceptual mind-prison that you are in, long enough to take a rational look at who Jesus really is, rather than the concept of Jesus you have read about.

          • Fell X …

            Martin, you are a fanatic. No mirror can show you that.
            Now that you have proven to me over and over again that you just can’t stop being stupid, I’ll speak words designed for stupid people.
            Stop sucking my dick and go pray to your male fantasy for someone to finally love your idiocy.
            You have no bloody idea who I am.
            And you never will.
            So, go fuck your mind with your Jesus and after you completely rot you’ll finally understand my words.
            As for now, my words for you have ended.
            There is no convincing an idiot high on his own stupidity how stupid he is.
            So, keep writing dumb stuff here, I’m already past caring.
            Good bye, religion pigeon !

          • Martin28

            Ha ha, you have no idea how gravely mistaken you are. Far from being fanatical, I am down-to-earth, pragmatic and realistic. In all my Spirit-led ministry over the past several years, I have not missed the mark even ONCE. Sorry to learn that you were so swallowed up in fanaticism yourself that you never found the Truth. If you had, it would still be with you. Don’t give up hope though, there’s still time to repent before you die.

          • Fell X …

            “Spirituality” is diet religion. Sugarfree doctrine. You shy away from responsibility of your own convictions by adhering to a newly invented, unclear religious-ish construct.

            You don’t believe in Yahweh, the one force of existence, but you believe in the one force of existence.

            “Spirituality” merely takes faces away from gods, cloaking them in lack of specificity.

            It is a new form of lie.

            But it is a hippie’s quest. In the age of global economy and necessity for scientific accuracy, “spirituality” has arrived too late to get a proper foothold. Maybe fun to consider over a joint, pretty sexy for progressive chicks, reason to wear an american rasta, but in all temporal reality, it will remain a fringe past time for week-end yoga fans that the serious, oceanic oil pipe lying world will politelly ignore.

            You said you met Jesus. Ok, while specifying I firmly believe you THINK you met him and, under peer scrutiny you might discover people will, unaffected by your inner experience, have the opinion something different actually happened, let us agree what you say is entirelly true. You met Jesus.

            Ok, I have the following question: How come YOU met Jesus, but none of the people that might have severely benefitted by meeting the man or god that preached love and tolerance met him ?

            What excuse does the god or man that says that he loves us but we burn in hell if we do not follow him deprive us of the opportunity to change our ways ?

            What kind of love is when, being promissed eternal damnation, I let my child be the victim of a life that will, seeing the interaction between the environment and the human psyche, ultimatelly succeed in hopelessly damning him ?

            What kind of love is that when I let my child writhe and not even once do I land a hand ?

            No, my dear spiritualist, the facts of reality state that for all the rape victims, for all the forced prostitution, for all, the terminal drug addicts, for all the hungry homeless, for the millions lost and hungry and abused children in India, for the desperatelly hungry of Africa, you Jesus simply does not exist.

            And if he supposedly sacrificed himself for us but he won’t give as much as an advice to that child feeling life seep from him because of starvation, then I simply refuse to meet this demented fucker.

            My best guess is that you had a divine experience. In immersing yourself so deeply into this belief system you practice, you have modified your perception.

            The mind, being an informational entity, is a very malleable thing.

            I have had divine experiences. I had the bragging rights to say once I have briefly become one with god.

            But, it was all perception. See, we can actually determine our mind to perceive what we will it to.

            It’s not commonplace, but easily possible.

            That’s why I call them “placebo gods”.

            The only way they exist is when we want to experience them.

            The rest of reality knows nothing of them.

            They are figments of our minds.

            So, If I really want to believe, I believe in the young women and men from MIT, I believe in the scientists that one day, when your illusory gods or forces of the universe will rain meteorites on Earth, these scientists will say: “Yeah, kinda bothersome but the space station is ready. We’ll be a little crowded but we have the resources. As the meteor shower is over, we go back to rebuild.”

            At that point your gods get the bird from people that worshipped hard work, dedication, and a passion for cruel, but magnifficent reality.

            Because I’m just gonna go ahead and make a little prophecy of myself. Just see if it gets fulfilled. Here it goes:

            “In the day when the heavens will rain anger and fury upon man, in the days when the gods will watch in silence, it will be those that were not admired for their might that will build new worlds, worlds made by hands of man. It is from that day, that man will live in the place of gods, not as a god, but as what he made himself to be.”

            See, how easy it is to put the literary style of doom thundering on saying that in reality it is us that will save ourselves from extinction by taking to space ?

            That’s how easy it would be for me to bullshit you, my dear. If I choose the proper form and the words you WANT to hear, you’ll swallow my swill without even tasting it.

            Grow up, dude !

          • Martin28

            Yes, I can see that your mind is clouded by a great many rigid concepts, religious doctrines and endless theolological arguments no doubt incurred by your decade of self-confessed religious fanaticism. Myself, I began by rejecting every form of religious concept and simply asked God to reveal Himself to me if He really does exist, and He did. The Bible states that if we are to know Him, we must come to Him as little children. Children have no preconceived notions nor complicated belief systems to confuse them. They simply see things as they are. Perhaps that is why Jesus spoke to me, because I was ready to trust that if there is a God, He would do right by me.

            What proves the veracity of my experiences is the concrete RESULTS of my encounters with Jesus and His Angels. EVERY occurrence resulted in a miraculous, beneficial change in the lives of all whom the experience touched. I don’t need complicated scientific formulae or sophisticated technological machinery to confirm a miracle. The proof is right there before my eyes!! Like the hypocrites in Jesus’ day, men invented twisted arguments to try to explain away what were obviously miracles, such as the blind receiving sight, the lame walking and the deaf hearing.

            I neither care nor am concerned about your ideas about Horus, Ra, scriptural doctrine or modern technology. I would suggest that if you want to know God, first discard ALL your convoluted intellectual concepts about what He may be, and simply approach Him with a trusting heart. Jesus is not a concept, nor a doctrine, nor a religion, nor a belief system. He is a PERSON – the very person of God. ANY other viewpoint is but darkened imagination.

          • Fell X …

            There is nothing more to say about that. I am an atheist, you are a believer. Reason will not be accepted by you.

            Regardless of what you write, I shall not reply. It is pointless.

          • Martin28

            You are correct, since I’ve met Jesus in person and have witnessed His miracles firsthand, it will be impossible for you to convince me that He doesn’t exist. It is pointless because you are the one who will not accept reason. Have a good time with Horus and Ra.

          • Martin28

            Wow, looking at your long-winded post, it seems you are talking to yourself; the self-confessed religious fanatic that you were for a decade. However, that has nothing to do with me. As I explained, I was never religious, nor fanatical. Just a servant of the God who spoke to me and guided me to miracles. I hope you are able to reconcile your fanatical past and make enough sense of life to start over and maybe this time develop a real relationship with God, rather than follow a cult. I wish you the best of luck with that.

        • Jonathan Blake

          Wow you like being wrong in epic proportions!!!

          • Fell X …

            Well, Jonathan, I may definitely not be some wise ass Einstein, as religious cretins ask us to be to disprove their delusion, since they expect our limited, but progressing, scientific knowledge to compete with an absolute-ish figment of imagination that spoke the universe into existence but required a rib to create a woman for a man that he just formed from clay ( idiocy at paramount levels), but here’s what I know:

            The United States of America just declared gay marriage is to be legal.

            The laws of humans caring for humans just took a big dump on all extremist, bigotted gods and their religions.

            Do you know what this signifies ?

            The official end of religion.

            This day we as a species told gods:

            “We now decide !”

            From this point on, the gods began to die.

            We, as a species move forward.

            That is what I know.

            And I need not the 50 Harvard PhD’s you expect me to have to combat your mental issue called “delusion”. Google that. It even has a wikipedia page.

            Religions are a psychological ailment.

            And humanity needs science to survive and to live well.

            I have current events.

            They say: “We rule Earth. Gods, but off from our laws !”

            USA has spoken.

            Me too.

            Am I beig wrong on epic proportions ?

            Who knows, maybe the mass media, the intrenet and half the damn planet is lying to me.

            Hail Salatan !

          • Martin28

            Speaking of psychological ailments…

      • Jonathan Blake

        Good try Martin but these animals create their own reality here. but kudos for having the guts to stand up for what you beleive in.

        • Martin28

          I know, it’s like talking to zombies. They’re so programmed by whatever they’ve been told, but don’t seem to be able to make clear, rational assessments of new information. Their minds are stuck in a repeating loop of old information. Still, I have to try to reach them. I’ve met Jesus in person, and have been guided by His Angels, but the stock atheist response to that is that I’m “delusional”. They don’t ask for clarification or details, just an automatic, knee-jerk reaction, probably the same thing their psychiatrists have told THEM. Ha ha! Cheers.

          • MountainDewFan4

            I’m sorry… We “don’t seem to be able to make clear, rational assessments” ? But you…. you claim to have “met Jesus in person”???? Really? You actually met him? Did you take a selfie? Did you get his autograph?

            You expect us to believe that YOU MET JESUS, but it’s the atheists who are crazy huh?

            You have invisible friends that you talk to, and who guide you in life … but it’s us that need to see psychiatrists? WOW!

          • Martin28

            You have just provided concrete proof of exactly what I stated: you have made an automatic conclusion without considering my assertions, without asking further questions, without ANY knowledge or experience in psychology, metaphysics or spirituality, without even considering the remote possibility that I am correct. That is the textbook definition of ignorance. You’re the same type of closed-minded person who would have burned a scientist at the stake for suggesting that the world was round, instead of flat.

          • Martin28

            I can see by your picture where you derive your great, universal knowledge: a sideshow sheister who’s claim to fame was the invention of a clit stimulator (look it up) and his simpy sidekick who can’t even form a sentence.

          • Martin28

            No, but I guess that’s what you would have done, taken a selfie, got an autograph and posted it on your Facebook page. Typical mindless American, not a stitch of spirituality in you, is there? Why do you think the deeply religious folks in the Middle East hate your guts?

            Because you’re totally Godless zombies, completely absorbed with your shallow, meaningless American culture. The only good thing you had going for you was your belief in God, and now that you’ve ditched that you have nothing. Your nation will be reduced to rubble.

  • Martin28

    Damn bigots! Next thing I suppose will be banning marriage between humans and farm animals…

    • Lucas

      All of you are clowns

      • Martin28

        I have some nice balloons for you.

  • BigUg

    WOW, it sounds like the crap NC and the south talked during the fight to end the Jim Crow Laws.

  • Jonathan Blake

    I laugh like you perverts think anything is going to happen. Keep on dreaming.

  • Jonathan Blake

    Don’t you aholes know how extremely outnumbered you are? No one gives a shit about what you think.

    • MountainDewFan4

      So .. since white people outnumber black people in this country does that mean that we can make laws that favor white people?

      Currently about ONE FOURTH of the country DOES NOT AFFILIATE themselves with a religion. That’s about 100 million Americans!

      • Jonathan Blake

        If what your small mind says is correct, 4 to 1 is quite a landslide. If you want white skin dewfuck4 take a page out of Michael Jacksons play book and bleach yourself. Hey I swear by Clorox.

        • MountainDewFan4

          Obviously god hasn’t taught you math. 75% vs. 25% would be 3 to 1 ratio not 4 to 1, but I’m assuming that they didn’t teach you that in the back-ass-hick-middle-school that you dropped out of.

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