Statement from American Atheists about Nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court

Despite D.C. Circuit Chief Judge Garland’s almost 20 years as a federal judge, his positions on the separation of religion and government, religious exemptions, and on atheists’ equality need clarification. We therefore encourage the entire Senate to fulfill its constitutional duty and proceed with the confirmation process, including open and on-the-record hearings, in order to learn more about Judge Garland’s position on these important issues.

  • Shawn Payne

    David Davis (March 9, 1815 – June 26, 1886) was the only Supreme Court Justice in history with NO record of any church affiliation. We could use a rational thinker on the bench. I don’t like that (arguably) the most powerful branch of our government has been controlled by religious folks. As a Secular Humanist I would like to see someone on the bench who put his faith in the American people.

    • James Dixon

      I didn’t research that statement. But, if that is true, we need a movement. I would like to think it is happening, but it might just be my recent introduction to (religious) reason. They wll die out eventually though, literally. People like us and our children will bring reason to the world. Maybe then we can begin to advance as humans.

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