Atheists Call on Trump to Reject Divisive Religious Rhetoric, Policies

Cranford, NJ—On Nov. 8, with nearly 120 million votes cast, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. At the same time, 34 Senate races and 435 House of Representatives races were decided across the nation.

In response to these election results, David Silverman, president of American Atheists, released the following statement:

“This election reaffirms American Atheists’ commitment to ensuring that the more than 30 million atheists and the 25 percent of Americans who claim no religious affiliation are heard in our nation’s political system. Mr. Trump will be the president of all Americans and it is my hope that he will lead accordingly.

“Throughout this campaign, Mr. Trump has made a number of statements that have given millions of Americans who value the constitutional separation of religion and government a great deal of concern. From promising to end the prohibition on churches engaging in political activity to pledging to appoint Supreme Court justices who would allow religious liberty to be used as a weapon, Mr. Trump’s rhetoric on these issues is at odds with the majority of Americans.

“It is my sincere hope that Mr. Trump will recognize the obligation he has to protect the constitutional separation of religion from government that our founders envisioned and act according to the will of the people he now represents. Likewise, I call on all members of the U.S. Senate and House to reject the use of religion to divide us as a nation or as a way to decide public policy.

“Beyond that, the atheist community must redouble our efforts to protect true religious freedom and the civil rights of all Americans. We reject the false version of ‘religious liberty’ peddled by those who seek to use their religion as an excuse to ignore the law and discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community, women, and religious minorities.

“With the election over, the time has come to set aside divisive religious rhetoric and policies and work to make our country truly ‘one nation, indivisible.’ That work begins again today.”

For More Information, Contact:
David Silverman, President, 908-276-7300 x5,
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Nick Fish, National Program Director, 908-276-7300 x8, [email protected]
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  • WarVet

    I’m 85; this may be my last battle but it will be my best.

  • Yes

    she Wow. The election is really over and Trump managed to pull it off. Really incredible. This Donald Trump victory surprised me. But he had a good father you know, his dad gave him 11-13 million dollars to get started in the 1970’s and in the 1970’s a million dollars was like a billion dollars, And you know I always hear these people especially on the radio (not internet) the only conservative radio that only exist on the air waves, I hear them always say that we were a Christian nation, and if you’re like me and old, I’m past fifty and young at heart, I remember the old days of being forced to go to church, But my dads dad was a mean old not believing in God guy, and his mother had issues with my dad, because when he went to see his mother and drove up, she would say to my mom, “Oh no here comes the religious nut” And my dad really loved his mother. I remember this because my dad was so worried his dad would go to hell and he was on his death bed he managed to get his preacher to save the old guy, he was about 80 on his death bed. but by dads mom refused and she had a brain hemorrhage and died on her kitchen floor before my father could get to her. People in the old days had hard lives and were unspoken atheist, not practicing atheist.
    My mothers grandfather, old, a really nice guy, he only attended church for my father one Christmas, one time in his whole life, and he never had a bible in his house once. My father always tried to get him as they say saved. My great grandfather would not. Never ever.
    In a city of 1600 I remember only about 300 people attending all the churches in the city, and my father and his church people would go door to door church knocking or witnessing door to door, no one wanted to go to church.
    Only in the 70’s did the rapture and the second coming affect people into the 80’s and in the 90’s it died out, but we were never a religious country.

    • Yes

      Excuse me that was a population of 16000 thousand not 1600 hundred for correction. (baby boom)

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