Atheists Express ‘Grave Concern’ About Trump’s Education Secretary Nomination, Voucher Policy

Cranford, NJ—On November 23, 2016 President-elect Donald Trump announced the selection of Betsy DeVos as his nominee for Secretary of Education.

In response to this nomination, David Silverman, president of American Atheists, released the following statement:

“American Atheists has grave concerns about the direction of education policy under the Trump Administration. In particular, Mr. Trump’s support for vouchers, a scheme which allows taxpayer dollars to be directed to religious schools, is cause for alarm.

“The nomination of Betsy DeVos to implement Mr. Trump’s proposal to spend $20 billion in federal taxpayer dollars, and more than $100 billion of state education funding, on religious education makes it clear that American Atheists and other advocates will need to remain vigilant and do everything in our power to fight any attempt to force the American public to subsidize religious dogma.

“These religious schools are under no obligation to admit all students and giving government funding to schools that can deny admission on the basis of religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or even race is a total non-starter.

“Forcing taxpayers to fund religious indoctrination and discrimination in the name of ‘school choice’ is something no American should stand for, and I strongly urge President-elect Trump to take seriously his obligation under the Constitution to protect the absolute separation of religion from government and equality for all Americans.”

  • phreedm

    “Mr. Trump’s proposal to spend $20 billion in federal taxpayer dollars, and more than $100 billion of state education funding, on religious education”…???

    Come on Dave…even you know these numbers are inflated. Care to back up your claim with proof?

    “…equality for all Americans.”

    Equality…except for those with a religious preference.

    What about Social Security? Should the those who are against freedom of conscious make sure no senior citizen is dropping a few dollars in their church, synagogue, temple, offering plate?

  • Yes

    When I come to the American Atheist web site I usually find more Christians commenting on subjects than atheist, and I mean when I was born I was required to attend church from diapers on up, and Christians are just crazy.
    My father made us stand and shake hands to the old guy who came up to us in church. and forced to smile to them? (perverts) all kinds of things good parents don’t make their kids do unnaturally to strange people, he made us stay awake in church service with angry tounge bite and slapping and promise of going home getting a whipping, and my beloved mother didn’t want to go to church my father got angry and took all of us for his 120 mile hour drive in the country road, past the country cemetery, and almost killed all his kids and wife and I remember him doing this two times, I was about four or six years old. He stabbed my mother with a butcher knife for not wanting to go to church when I was a child, I remember screaming in the door way while he thrust the knife under her arm cutting her artery open in her arm pit, blood flying into her cooking pan in the kitchen, going to the hospital he forced me the ‘youngest the babies’ of all the children to tell the police officer it was an accident. I did. It was that or foster care or who knows what hell of another life I would have ended up with, or even dead.
    And my brothers both older than me always seemed to escape or ignore his worst instances where I seemed to have been battling the great evil.
    Religion is not meant in our government, schools, or anywhere where it can be destructive, not any religion.
    -and don’t tell anyone I told you this I usually keep it a secret.

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