Atheists Billboards Say ‘Skip Church’ for a Merrier Christmas

Cranford, NJ—In what has become an annual holiday tradition, American Atheists launched two billboards nationwide urging viewers to celebrate an “atheist Christmas” by skipping church. Several of the locations are in southern states to start promoting the solar eclipse convention the atheists will be hosting in Charleston, SC, in August 2017.

The first billboard shows a text message exchange between two young women. One tells the other about her plans to skip church this holiday season and that her parents will “get over it. This billboard will be up the entire month of December in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Lynchburg, Virginia; Augusta, Georgia; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Georgetown, South Carolina, a short drive from the site of the upcoming convention in Charleston.

“It is important for people to know religion has nothing to do with being a good person, and that being open and honest about what you believe—and don’t believe—is the best gift you can give this holiday season,” said David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “More and more Americans are leaving religion, but we still have work to do when it comes to fighting the stigma many atheists face.”

The second billboard is a parody of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. The message calls on atheists to “Make Christmas Great Again!” by skipping church. During the campaign, Trump repeatedly pledged that stores would say “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays” if he were to win the presidency. That billboard will be up the entire month of December in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Shreveport, Louisiana.

A recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute shows that a quarter of Americans and almost 40% of young people are atheist or non-religious. This billboard campaign is specifically aimed at that growing population, especially those who no longer believe but still occasionally attend religious services or call themselves religious despite their lack of belief.

“The only way to remove the stigma is to show our friends and family that we are the same kind, loving and compassionate people they’ve always known us to be,” said Nick Fish, national program director for American Atheists. “This billboard campaign will be a starting point for that conversation in communities where atheists don’t always have a voice.”

The billboards are shown below. All media outlets are free to use the art work as long as the full billboard is shown, including the bar shown at the bottom that includes the organization name and website. Please indicate that the artwork was provided courtesy of American Atheists.



  • Ray

    Just make it another party day for yourself, just remember using the word Christmas, is bring CHRIST into your vocabulary. You should make it a name ,like, grow old, drop dead and disappear, and keep it in your family and stop spreading your own beliefs on others,,.

    • Jane Dunn

      atheists are like obamas quran pig followers

      • McVader

        Sorry Jane, but not believing in fairy tales does not make one gay.

        • Jane Dunn

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          • McVader

            You are saying that you want to hang the president of the US? Because of his sexuality and religion? How American of you.
            Troll on Jane

          • Jane Dunn

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          • McVader

            It is impressive that you have trolled for 2 years with this inane message. You probably should have spent the time getting an education though. Start with English and move on from there.

          • Jane Dunn

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          • McVader

            I voted for Trump, I don’t remember your trolling garbage rhetoric ever coming out of his mouth though.

          • Jane Dunn

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  • Jane Dunn

    atheists are fags like obamas quran dave

  • Annie

    And so…you don’t believe in Christ or Christmas…but yet, you place the word, “CHRISTMAS” on your billboard! Why not say….’MAKE THE HOLIDAYS GREAT AGAIN”? You really needs prayers! It’s a shame that you don’t believe in a higher power BUT…YOU’LL CERTAINLY USE THE UNITED STATES CURRENCY, AND ALSO ASK FOR DONATIONS…AND WHAT’S ON THE BILLS AND COINS…’IN GOD WE TRUST’!
    Why not just save your money for your own purposes & leave the Christians alone?!

    • Marck

      1- A simple Google search would clarify the meaning of the word ‘christmas’ for you. Spend about 5 minutes and you will quickly find out the origins of your so called’ christmas’. 2- See # 1 for explanation, this time replace ‘christmas’ with ‘in god we trust’.

      • Zach James

        yeah i did and guess what? 
        it says celebration of the Birth 
        of Jesus Christ, our 
        Lord and Savoir!!!

  • Jack

    ” The Fool has said in his heart, there is no God “…Psalms 14:1

    • Matt

      Why is that book an automatic authority? I could site Dr. Seuss with the same credibility.

  • Diane

    I agree you don’t have to be religious to be good, moral and honest. Someone good , moral and honest shouldn’t put down other beliefs trying to promote theirs. God bless.

    • McVader

      These billboards don’t put down anyone’s beliefs, they simply let fellow Athiests know that it is ok not to be a sheep and follow the peer pressure into church.

  • Follower of Chrsit

    “…you don’t have to be religious…” but you have a name anyway, you belong to an organization that takes money from you, the Atheist Activist organization, what is the difference between religious and activists? they both are the same but in a different way. One believe and one don’t, just like the checker game, black or white. Faith in the Lord is not a religion, it is a state of spirit, Jesus said: “My lamb will hear my voice…” those who follow Him recognize His voice.

  • McVader

    Merry Xmas…thanks for opening your arms for fellow Atheists being dragged to church this holiday season although they don’t believe. Help them stand for their beliefs.

  • It is very easy to harass church and church goers because of the fundamental friendliness of Jesus Christ and his followers Mathew Chapters 5-9.
    The church is not the architect of the ungodliness that pervade our society ,just as God cannot be held responsible for the calamity that befell Prophet Eli and his children.Every time a nation is in despair,they remember God.In the time of prosperity,naturally the next generation forgets God.If you are not believing in God,you would definitely believe in something,at least your self.If you are persuading someone not to go to church on Christmas.Dont you believe you might be unknowingly preaching as anti-christmas ( Anti Christ).?
    The church pastor have the right to classify you as members of (Anti Christmas)Antichrist.The only group known to church people as antichrist is people of satan.Be aethist and enjoy yourselves until you will be convinced to attend church.Dont inadvertently become antichrist.
    Wishing you a wonderful Chrstmas ahead which ever way you would love to enjoy the christmas.
    But leave the church people alone.I am sure you cant write this type of billboard conerning some religious group without crisis.But as for we church people it makes no meaning.
    Agunloye Emmanuel

  • Jane Dunn

    hell not full

  • Phil

    You’re right, being “religious” has nothing to do with being a good person. Fortunately the Christians belief in Jesus Christ is not based on Him making us good people, it’s a belief in Him making dead men live. It’s belief in Jesus Christ that gives us life that no amount of “good” works can do. Eternal life is what we Christians celebrate this time of year. Be blessed!

  • phreedm

    I wonder when Dave will come out with a statement against Muslim College students demanding prayer rooms at colleges that receive federal funding?
    Of course, putting up a handful of billboards is the path of least resistance.

  • Yes

    Where I live they have the smallest churches and I had happen to drive by one on a side street and through the window I seen a man dressed in white garment at his pulpit, but perhaps only one person in attendance, and yet he appeared talking, it’s very religious here and the church before existing on approximately the same street had a fairly large attendance of around twenty to thirty cars. pretty good considering Christianity is a 1970’s thing and not really meant for normal ordinary Americans in modern age of science, technology, and, You can’t have God in education, because education is about proof, and the bible and at least with “Solomon” said “Be educated in nothing at all, but only trust in the Lord”, and religious quacks don’t do that, heck without education they couldn’t show off and try to get us to believe in really crazy stuff of stuff that is not educational. So really education is only about perfecting a quality of an ability to fix a thing, and nothing else and Christians know, they need to be fixed.

  • TrapMan

    I have been thinking about leaving Christianity because who can survive inside a big fish for a many days but I just can not get past objective moral values. It is what keeps me hanging on. If objective moral values do not exist then everything is subjective. If we are looking to improve and extend humanity on a purely subjective basis then in my subjective opinion I would say that anyone who is non productive for the advancement of humanity, for any reason, such as: old age, disability, IQ level, etc.. should be exterminated so that they stop using our natural resources so that a future productive person can. All I would care about is my happiness relative to my subjective opinion. If I wanted to get rich the fastest way possible and I see a bank vault open with no one looking then whats is really wrong with taking the money, the government prints plenty of it, I did not hurt anyone in the process so I did nothing really wrong. If I get caught I committed a subjective wrong but if I get away with then I did nothing really wrong – BUT for some strange reason I know I will have to answer for it whether I get caught by the police or not – something tells me I am accountable above and beyond any man made law, I just can not shake the feeling – no matter how hard I try. Feels like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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