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Bake a Cake—And Be Religious Too!

By: Amanda Knief

Apparently, not all bakers want everyone to sample their cakes. There are two high-profile cases in Oregon and Colorado that revolve around cake makers who refused to bake cakes for the weddings of same-sex couples. The bakers in both cases based their refusals on their religious beliefs. I am not going to go into their […] [Read More >]

Friday Fallacy 4-10-15

It’s Friday and you know what that means… It’s time once again for your #FridayFallacy! As always, we will begin with an example to give you a chance to guess the fallacy, and then we’ll name it and explain how it works and how to counter it for the next time you come across it. […] [Read More >]

Announcing the winner of our pumpkin-carving contest: “Evolution” by Pete Zupan of Washington, DC!

Hello all! We are thrilled to announce the winner of our first-ever atheist-themed Pumpkin Carving Contest. The winner will receive a voucher redeemable for a ticket to the 2015 National Convention in Memphis, Tennessee this coming April 2-5. The winning pumpkin was a depiction of the “Evolution” sequence from Carl Sagan’s “COSMOS.” The design was […] [Read More >]

Friday Fallacy! October 10, 2014

It’s time for your #FridayFallacy! As always, we will begin with an example to give you a chance to guess the fallacy, and then proceed with an explanation and a breakdown of common uses in religious arguments. Example: Chemotherapy and other dangerous, Big Pharma drugs are just that: Drugs. That destroy your body, cause unintended […] [Read More >]

American Atheists Supports the MRFF

The Current Wording of AFI 1-1 Must be Preserved

Read American Atheists President David Silverman’s letter here (PDF format): MRFF letter Text of President Silverman’s letter: June 9, 2014 General Mark Welsh: As President of American Atheists, I write to express my outrage at the Air Force’s proposal to weaken regulations in Paragraphs 2.11 and 2.12 of Air Force Instruction 1-1, prohibiting airmen from […] [Read More >]

June 6: Friday Fallacy!

It’s Friday and you know what that means: Time for your Friday Fallacy! Following our new format for these posts, we will first give an example of the fallacy, then reveal the name of the fallacy and explain the error in reasoning at the end to give you a chance to quiz yourself identifying it. […] [Read More >]

In Greece v Galloway, Even Kagan Just Doesn’t Get It

Managing Director Amanda Knief Weighs In

After reading both the US Supreme Court’s majority opinion and the dissent in the Town of Greece v. Galloway on Monday about prayers before city council meetings, I was faced with an irrevocable truth–not one of the justices gets it. Is “tradition” really a good reason to support a bad idea? The justices sure think […] [Read More >]

Crosspost: American Atheists Faces Discrimination at TD Bank

From American Atheists Special Correspondent Dan Arel

Originally posted to Dan Arel’s website and reposted here with permission: American Atheists faced a new kind of discrimination this week, from a Notary Public. Managing Director Amanda Knief and President David Silverman walked into their local TD Bank to have some donation documents notarized and the notary turned them away for “personal reasons.” Many […] [Read More >]

Friday Fallacy: February 7, 2014

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for your Friday Fallacy! We’ll name the fallacy at the end to give you a chance to guess it. Thinking about debating a creationist? Ask your opponent first, “What would change your mind?” If the answer is “nothing,” it’s a waste of time and you only give credibility […] [Read More >]

Religious Freedom Day 2014

Obama, Atheism, and the Necessity of Separation of Religion and Government

Today is Religious Freedom Day, annually celebrated on January 16 to commemorate the passage of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom in 1786. Thomas Jefferson, who served as the nation’s third President from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809, is buried at his estate at Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia. His tombstone, a beautiful […] [Read More >]

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